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Britney Spears Might Be Moving In With Her New Boyfriend

Britney Spears only broke up with former fiancé Jason Trawick a few months ago, but she didn’t waste much time getting back on the dating circuit and has a new boyfriend in David Lucado, some law firm worker bro who we don’t really know much about, which, whatever. But there’s no time to waste! Despite only dating for about three weeks, the pair are said to be moving in together.

From Closer (via Digital Spy):

“Britney has only been dating David for three weeks and she’s already saying she wants him to move in with her!

“She’s lonely and hates being on her own.

“She’s been saying that all she wants is to be married and to have another baby. Her mother Lynne has been pleading with her to slow things down.”

They added: “Britney’s already told David that he doesn’t need to work anymore and has offered to upgrade his car. He seems like a nice, normal guy, but she doesn’t know him very well yet.

“Since splitting from Jason, all she’s been talking about is either winning him back or finding someone to ‘take his place’. Britney’s not very good at being single.”

Dear God. To make matters worse, this may be a serious misstep for Brit Brit because we got an anonymous tip that all is not what it seems with our friend Dave:

Dave/David and I have been friends for many years, and as much as I love the kid, I’m sad to say he is a textbook womanizer and has cheated, unapologetically, on every girlfriend he has ever had. I need to absolutely be kept anonymous because I am still friends with him, but I just don’t like the dishonest articles I have been reading that paint him as a sweet guy who treats women with respect because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Oh, snap!!!!!! Listen, our “sources” here are just as reliable as any you’ll read in the tabloids, so take that as you will. Britney, you in danger, girl!

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  • Oh crap. Doesn’t she have any friends in the industry that can talk to her? A normal guy is fine but moving in together this quickly is not.Where is her family? People always say Southern families are close but no one ever has Britney’s back.

  • I don’t care how much money I had, I would NEVER tell a man he didn’t have to work anymore! She’s just begging to be used and taken advantage of.

  • I’m way too busy loving all the work you put into the site, so just wanted to say you make a Dutch girl happy. And we are hard to please (or too down to earth… Potato, patato). As for Britney… I always feel sorry for her. To me it seems as if she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the business (anymore) but can’t succeed in getting out. And somehow I think the source is telling the truth…

  • I don’t think he should move in because of her boys ! I’m just happy that she’s not shaving her head and beating cars with umbrellas ! If they want to spend the night together what about his house ? Hotel ?