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48Britney Spears Dates Online?

Britney Spears is said to be doing a little man shopping, AKA, online dating. I can’t really imagine how this would work, being so famous, but apparently she hasn’t met any of the men, she just uses it for the ego boost and to get herself comfortable with the idea of dating again after her recent break-up with fiance Jason Trawick. He was the guy who totally looked like Sam Merlotte from “True Blood” if the angle was juuuust right and he wasn’t wearing his glasses. He’s also the one who wasn’t her creepy manager or Kevin Federline.

I can’t imagine that Brit is planting herself on OKCupid but I don’t really see her on Match either. And how does this even work? Is her profile photo of her arm or something? Does she ask the guys, “So, who are your celeb crushes?” Just to see? And what if they say, “I used to have a huge thing for Britney Spears but now, ehh.” And then what? THEN WHAT?

Though Spears has no job right now (jobs are like those things people do when they need to pay their bills, Lindsay Lohan) as a host on The X-Factor, there are reports that the major hotels on the Las Vegas strip are trying to sway her to take up residency, following in the tiny perfect French-Canadian footsteps of Celine Dion. Know what? I think that would be marvelous for her. Let’s get Britney back to performing!

In the meantime, Brit, I can give you a tips on online dating. Tip #1: never let the guy pick the place. It’s always that same stupid hipster wine bar. Good luck, my sweet BB. Don’t let that jerk Timberlake get you down.

Photo of Britney Spears with her new puppy via her Twitter account. This is what all of his high-powered fast-paced technology was made for. P.S. BRITNEY MAKE THIS YOUR PROFILE PHOTO, IT’S TOTES CUTE AND SHOWS YOU’RE DOWN-TO-EARTH AND NATURALLY PRETTY!

February 11, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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48 Responses to “Britney Spears Dates Online?”

  1. Tara says:

    Ugh research please. She’s been detached from Xfactor since just after the finale and she already turned down the Vegas gig.

    • Catherine St. Ives says:

      Caesar’s isn’t the only hotel that’s trying to get her. Though she turned them down, she may be open to offers from other places. The X-Factor thing was definitely an oversight though. Thanks!

      • Filip says:

        I would just go traveling and choose the place at the moment I need it. I do not understand ‘how’ hotels want to ‘get’ her…
        Doesn’t she have a free will… I wonder how far they go with things like ‘hidden camera’ jokes…
        There are some people that work for ‘headhunters’… and they dont understand them self what they are doing…
        I have seen that they go to far…

      • Filip says:

        Sorry for writing to many messages… I got carried away…
        I just needed to tell ‘someone’, or find a way to end some problems … because my current living environment is not responding…

    • Filip says:

      My ‘messages’ should be read as one message, I didn’t use something like this site ever before, and see now that there are many many, what looks a bit weird…

  2. Cam S says:

    Does this woman get a new puppy when all her other dogs mature? Seems these stars only like puppies, Britney is buying a new one it seems every week! Her and Miley Cyrus both. Do they keep these dogs? Jeez, step away from the puppies, you don’t even have custody of your kids!

    • Filip says:

      Who knows how her problems started. Life comes as it is… we don’t or cannot choose everything we do, some things just happen for no reason, and they just happen… or there are things to choose from that could have more than one ‘after effects.’
      Who are you to judge her situation…? I think lives of ‘stars’ and her live are just the same as of ‘civilians’ (or what ever you want to call it.) Only the media ‘makes’ situations…what can be pretty sad… they don’t want to be manipulated and tested.
      The media is lying about everything, or people are not aware of what the ‘new world order’ is doing…
      I know for sure that no one knows what’s gonna happen for example… tomorrow or now… or whatever…and ‘why’(just because someone want to be ‘entertaint’ or most of the times wants to make money. ‘Or’ is forced to do someone elses job they don’t want to, or they don’t know how, or or or… ) …

  3. Janem says:

    Haha, yeah Lindsay, take note!

  4. cmc says:

    “Tip #1: never let the guy pick the place. It’s always that same stupid hipster wine bar.”

    LMAO!! I’m in the NYC dating scene, and I can’t even tell you how many guys have taken me to the Terroir wine bars. They’re absolutely amazing, but I’m starting to wonder if the staff thinks I’m an escort or something…

    Anyway, ahem. Britney, listen to Catherine!

    • Catherine St. Ives says:


    • Filip says:

      Maybe go to free-parties!!! Bars are boring. People are to scared of letting them selves go, because there is always someone watching… (there should just be one eye that takes care of all and respects all people, how I dont know…)

      Freetekno party or an psychedelic trance party :)
      Teknivals or other festivals…
      Illegal outdoor free parties. In an forest or in nature(in the middle of nowhere)… and just fight for the right just to party and for ‘freedom’… But check the organization, it could be that there is no sign of civilization as ‘we’ know it… nature can be dangerous as well there are a lot of mindfucks, but that is or could be even worse in bars.

      There is no place like a psychedelic gathering…

      The ‘meaning’ of going to a party or club has dissapared since everything is based on capitalistic life… there is no freedom to just ‘exist’ and ‘experience life’ and do ‘what ever you want to do’…

      Everything can be done without disturbing someones ”halo”…
      Prices destroy the purpose… and interactions should not damage others… there is … everything for/or/and nothing…

      We are all just one people that should respect, share and take care of the planet and each other…

      ok, I driffted of what are ” Terroir wine bars”? what does ‘terroir’ mean???

  5. Cnady says:

    Shes not even allowed on the internet without supervision… SLAAAVE for yewah.

  6. Filip says:

    I cant stop dreaming about Britney…
    since I was a kid she made me crazy…
    I am a schizofrenic patient who cant contact her..
    the story is to long..
    she should know me..
    how can I contact her?

    • Chaz says:

      Make his/hers tin-foil hats? That way you should be able to connect with her telepathically….

      • Filip says:

        tin-foil hats should stop the frequency of 2 till 4 mHz, I think It could be protection if you made a suit. the chips are not all in the head.

        Its better to burn the chips out of your body carefully! whit a sigaret, this only if they are on your skins to give you electric shock..
        Cause that’s what they do these days. ‘whit an remote control”. they dont need the sticks, like for old Mkultra victems..
        the technology is now more advanced..

      • Filip says:

        It maybe sounds crazy but there are health problems that can come out of radio waves , a tent in you’re house covered whit tin-foil would be an idea…
        (big tent :)
        In Japan they have paint mixed whit metals, for on walls of you’re house to stop different waves like radio, bluetooth, infrared etc..

      • Filip says:

        ATTENTiON : I don’t want to advise people to burn them self !!!

        so carefully means not damage the skin whit the fire !!!
        if you have chips in you you would/could know it and from my experience it helps.
        You can do this carefully by holding the sigaret close to youre skin an not touch it. it destroys the chip and hurts just for a little bit of time

        btw. I hate to talk about this subject because it sound a bit crazy… but the technology exists..

  7. Filip says:

    I wrote her songs and they were stolen..
    how can I prove that?

  8. Filip says:

    I hate websites…

  9. Filip says:


    who is also an mindcontrol victem or thinks he or she is and would like to share the experience?

  10. Filip says:

    she is not an slave.. just a victem of ‘different groups’ of people

    I just hope she will be able to one day answer my(some) questions…
    for example;does reincarnation exist? stupid question?

  11. Filip says:

    no hard feelings. I just hate does ‘groups of people; that ask questions and want to know everything…

    I am not gonna leave more messages because she is not gonna read it probably.
    If you do Britney, please answer.
    because the police and the doctors are making me more and more crazy…

    Maybe there are people with the same or simular ‘schizofrenia’…

    where are the answers is what they want to know.
    and they forgot what the question is…

    On which dating site can I contact her?

  12. Filip says:

    okey, now I am gonna ask GOD…?

    Dear God(of this website) hear the s.o.s

    I am just a curios person…

  13. Filip says:

    I dont want to sound fucked up…
    but life is what it is…
    this is realy the last message and try..

  14. Filip says:

    one more thing..

    I am not a fan..

    but the songs have a different meaning that I wrote and I would like to explain some things…

  15. Filip says:

    I am sick since I was 7 and I am made by freemasons…
    my body is geneticly modified, and they want answers..

    Its not my health that’s wrong’, there are just doctors that sell a lie and force peolpe to take medice that changes people.. and makes them ‘crazy’…

    And i think she could help me and I her if I could explain her the problem… that’s just ‘maybe’

    I am a autistic victem of headhunters(people that steal idea’s).

  16. Filip says:

    Britney could help me find the people that are making money out of ‘fake’ schizofrenic patients. Who’s brains are been used to make money. Only this information is a problem for some people to handle… and they don’t want to go to prison or pay for it.
    I don’t want to trouble those people. I just want some kind of freedom for all people. I find it just sad that they don’t share what they make. Money is not the thing. They are just making some kind of slaves… for the tv and madia…they are out of idea’s. The CIA is also asking me questions I don’t know answers to…
    Maybe she knows the answer… I just think she is an simular ‘patient’.. The free masons are making the world like they want it and I am sick of being an puppet…

  17. Filip says:

    who’s the person answering just before?

  18. Filip says:

    Do you think club 27 is made? I think it is,

    and this maybe my last year… I wonder what they are gonna do…

    this all, for who is reading/or read ‘this was/is some kind an testament…
    from one of the many ‘unknown’ artist..
    victem of headhunters.

    I wonder how can victems of headhunter proof their existens, and the real message of some of their art?

  19. Filip says:

    Do you know what Britney’s diagnosis is? Mine is paranoid schizofrenia, only I do not have one symptom…!!! just a few ideas

    I wonder if it is real cause the CIA puts wrong labels on patients in mental hospitals..

  20. Filip says:


    I think this all is not going to work and if it does thank you for reading …

    Make the world aware if you want about ‘Mindcontrole’ / mental patients, share the information, only awareness can change things.There are many victems that can not get help because the CIA has take over their lives, and the ‘police’ and others works for them and don’t want to help… but abuse and use people… the stories about the all seeing eye are not all real.. and some are..
    This are big world problems of the new world order.. they should learn manners and respect about existens…

    Good bye and good night…

  21. Filip says:

    How many people know that her relation with Jason was a media stunt? Or who the **** is remote controlling them otherwise ? Or is telling them what to do. And why? I don’t really care, I hope they are all just happy. But there are to may lies… (a real life if not made, it just exists, they should stop making scenes).
    I know for sure otherwise that there are more mindcontole victems. I hope they are not forced to do things…

    My questions are actually;

    HOw many mental health patients are there in for example hollywood and the music from fror example VEVO, mtv or the ‘art’ world?
    And how many of them are actually not sick but stalked by groups of people for the production of their products?

    Are the or some patients aware of the false diagnosises?

    I heard there are a few, WHO knows something about that?

  22. Filip says:

    Does Britney knows she is also gm?

  23. Filip says:

    I’m sorry for writing to many messages on this site,

    I gues I just had to tell someone… or send an s.o.s, because my current living environment isn’t responding…
    and time flies…
    and more and more people are dying of pills they get from the doctor’s, the pills also don’t help, they only take away the symptoms not the cause, (In some cases the pills maybe help) …
    more people die of legal drugs(side effects) than from illegal drugs…

  24. Filip says:

    One more thing; I am not 100% sure if she is gm. What I know could be an lie or/and I heard this +-20 years ago, so… information seems to change as time passes by…

  25. Catherine St. Ives says:

    Boy, that escalated quickly.

    • Chaz says:

      Sorry, sometimes I poke the wrong bear!

    • Filip says:

      Ja sorry, I think I am a victim of some kind of new MK-Ultra(and have been ‘brainwashed’(or distracted) for 15 years…
      It would be time for me and other possible victims to wake up and become aware… try get help, only these things are hard to proof, because the CIA and others know how to hide the proof …
      only I am not hidden, I am alive… I’m am just existing and waiting for things to happen that they told me. (they told me this as a kid what was gonna happen and everything has happened, cause that’s what they do, it has to look like an ‘self fulfilling prophecy’…
      even the twin towers were in the story…

      If you don’t believe me, they are creating an new myth…
      (Maybe my book will be published when I am dead)
      (one more thing; The local police here in Holland is asking me how many tooth I have in my mouth .. ‘ isn’t that weird’ and a cop once panicked any said that she was talking to the devil… the weird thing is that only the sects or ‘groups of different people’ call me that, the once that abuse people).
      They are not the dentist.

      The myth is something like about an angels, god, religions and aliens… the
      ‘They’ are calling me the devil a fallen angel, because my name is the same number as the word devil, and I have 3 tooth under in my mouth, I just miss one(like an mutation, only it is bio technology), and the first letters of my name spell F.F (and it’s the sixth letter from the alphabet) ‘they say it’s 6.6.6.
      I just know that I am not the devil.

      They also created English, the English language is created with numbers. Like the words Man and Salt are the same, Woman and Sugar, Mirror and Spirit, Dog and Cat, Pepper and Crying…
      end bet is nmbr. 27
      why this is I dont know.

      They are now making people as well… I would like to find others to find a way to proof the truth…

      Other proof that I have is the song Britney Spears – Gimme More.. I know it my song because it has to Serbian words with street language like Ligo en Danja = Goli and Jadan. And her birthday is not the 2nd of dec. but mine is the 2 of nov. This was just made as a joke. and mindf**. for me…

      It all sounds crazy but there is much more to tell.. and the story is to long for this site. And I don’t want to make it public. Maybe one day the truth will come out, I don’t care any more…

  26. bonnakins says:

    And I thought guest was crazy…

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