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Taylor Swift Might Have a Thing For Gingers

Taylor Swift and fellow musician Ed Sheeran became, er, swift friends when they met while working on TSwift’s album Red last year, and sort of maybe had a little fling then, though Ed insisted to reporters at the time that they would never have a relationship because he wasn’t her time. Aw, Ed! Even gingers need love.

Anyway, since her break up with Harry Styles in December, Taylor is said to have become closer with Ed again – especially since he’ll be opening for her world tour later this year – and now they’re giving it a proper go. Hmm.

From The Sun:

Ed told The Sun last night: “We’re good friends.”

A source said: “Taylor has always loved Ed to bits. He’s just an adorably sweet guy who makes her laugh and feel really confident.

“Harry had that irresistible bad boy thing but Taylor has realised she would rather give it a go with a guy who can make her happy on a different level.”

Taylor and Ed spent the night together before last month’s Brits awards, according to reports in the US. They stayed up talking and putting the world to rights until 4am at Taylor’s London hotel.

Ed was spotted doing “the walk of shame” the next day, leaving the hotel in the same clothes he had been wearing the night before.

A source added: “Taylor made it clear when they go off on tour she wants Ed to be her boyfriend.

“He’s thrilled as he has always thought she’s amazing. When they split last year he always hoped they would get back together.

“They’ve both vowed not to have a nasty break-up no matter what happens.”

I mean, I sort of can’t really see it – it’s an odd coupling if ever there was one. Still, sometimes it’s the odd couplings that work the best. What do you think?

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  • What a pathetic bunch of people. Being cruel and biased against people for the color of their hair and skin is below most of us enlightened individuals. Get a freaking life.

    • I’m with you on that one — I think she’s into male attention in any form. It’s becoming more apparent that this girl can’t stand her own company and needs constant validation from men.

  • She is on mission to fuck as many guys as possible ! She doesn’t care about hair color ! She probably fucks with the lights off so they all look the same !

  • This makes perfect sense. Ed Sheeran’s music is actually worse than John Mayer’s. What we have here is a match made in Hell–the two most annoying songwriters on the planet together at last. I could see them getting married and their children forming the worst pop group of all time.