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Alec Baldwin Has a Temper, Sure, But He’s Not A Racist

Alec Baldwin has the temper of a raging Irishman after a few rounds of drinks when his favourite rugby team loses a championship game (how’s my stereotyping?) – we all know it and we love him for it in spite of this. Sure, he might call his kid a pig every now and then or get kicked off a flight for telling off a flight attendant (and playing Words with Friends), but at the end of the day, he’s just a bleeding heart liberal with an uncanny ability to look good in a suit and make pretty much everyone laugh.

I never really believed the accusations put forth by the New York Post that Baldwin used racial slurs against one of their reporters, calling him a “coon”, “crackhead” and “drug dealer”. Uh, no. Luckily, there was a recording of the conversation in question which cleared his okay-ish name.

From TMZ:

New info on the audio tape of the confrontation between Baldwin and the Post photog.  Sources tell us … there is NO mention of a racial slur on the tape.  And, we’re told, the initial story — that Baldwin allegedly said “I want to choke you to death” — is incorrect.  We’re told in fact Baldwin said, “I want you to choke to death,” which is exactly what Baldwin claimed he said.

Good to know. Though I love that anyone ever listens to the New York Post on anything. They’re one step above those supermarket tabloids with “exclusives” on the birth of Bat Boy.

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  • These three things I know to be true…..
    1. Alec is a turd
    2. The Scotland R6 squad is going to stomp the Ireland R6 squad on the 24th
    3. Bat Boy LIVES, I have 3 tshirts that say so….

  • RUGBY?! I guess you mean GAELIC FOOTBALL (I don’t know the differences pls don’t ask me I barely understand cricket as it is).

  • Whether or not Baldwin is a racist is still to be determined. That he’s a Class A-1 dickhead — that’s for certain.

  • Really ? Anyone that can make me laugh until almost peeing my pants is alright with me. He has a temper , but so what.. So do I.