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Who’s Rude and Thoughtless Now, Bitch?


Nothing makes up for a childhood full of irate alcoholism like a trip to the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

At least, that was probably what Alec Baldwin was thinking when he took his daughter, Ireland, to the awards on Sunday night. Alec famously railed against his pre-teen daughter (with Kim Basinger) in a voicemail rant that leaked onto the Internet last year.

Alec took home the SAG award for outstanding male actor in a comedy series, which means his fellow actors have forgiven him, but when Ireland grows up and looks at these pictures, I don’t think she’ll be able to forgive her stylist for not making her wear Spanx with that outfit. A 12-year-old should not look like she has a baby bump, unless her last name is Spears. BAD DRESS, people.

In other SAG news, Heath Ledger took home best supporting, Meryl Streep beat out Angelina, Anne and Kate for best actress (but Kate took home best supporting), Hugh Laurie won for House, Sean Penn for Milk, Tina Fey for 30 Rock, and Slumdog Millionaire won everything else. No, seriously, the full results are here.

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