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Kim Kardashian Is Pretty Bummed About All That Pregnancy Weight

kim kardashian pregnant pics

Raise your hand if you find Kim Kardashian annoying. Now clench that hand into a fist and prepare to punch your computer screen, because things are about to get even worse. The socialite/reality star/whatever the hell she does is five months pregnant with Kanye West’s baby and is getting pretty down about gaining weight – you know, as you do when you’re growing a child in your womb.

From The New York Daily News:

Kim Kardashian has always been curvalicious but a source tells us the 32-year-old reality star — who is approximately five months pregnant with beau Kanye West’s baby — is not pleased about her expanding figure.

“At first, she didn’t mind because she was excited to be pregnant,” says a source close to Kardashian, who has reportedly gone up four cup sizes. “But now she’s flipping out because she didn’t think it would be this extreme.”

But West doesn’t seem to feel the same way. “He encourages her to eat whatever she wants. He tells her not to worry, and it makes her feel better,” says the source.

I’m not gonna front – as women, we’re conscious about our bodies to a degree and of course having to adjust to being a different size and shape than you’re used to or comfortable with is going to be disconcerting. However, there’s a difference between putting on 10 pounds because once you popped, you really couldn’t stop with that container of sour cream and onion Pringles and totally another to begrudge the human being brewing in your body because your tits are a little unwieldy. To “flip out” because of a natural process is the most ridiculous thing pretty much ever and there’s no way to get around it except to, you know, go on birth control and never have children. Especially when she barely looks any different! Ugh, go away!

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  • Another famous person that is probably going to go on and on about every pregnancy detail. As if she were the first one ever. Oh how would the human race survive without you??
    I thought she was grateful about being pregnant. Let me guess until it started to affect what matters to her. I’m not this type of person but I can’t stop rolling my eyes with this one.

  • 5 months? I can barely detect her stomach. It’s her butt and thighs that are expanding. She will probably have a tummy tuck and lipo after birth and hand off kid to one of her nannies. I still don’t see her and Kanye as a lasting couple.

  • that’s with 8 inch heels !
    the skank garbagebag azz hits the ground when those come off..
    what a piece of disgusting foul human toilet …
    no wonder the designers freak ..
    she cheapens evrythang she touches ….LAWD !!!!

      • We are never gonna get rid of those vial fucking people ! We have Kim , kourtney, khloe , Kendall, Kylie , then when their old and wore out we can look forward to mason, Penelope , and now Kim spawn !!! I said before they are like china and taking over the world :( I hate them more everyday !!!

      • This coming from the woman who has complained about people not being “nice” on this site…. Julia, you truly make me laugh! I know, you will respond with righteous indignation….full of emoticons, and exclamation points. It will, however, be worth it as you show the world how well “huked on foniks werked fer yoo!”

      • Well Chaz, you will have to admit, no matter what has gone before between you two, we can all agree that the whole (or is that whore) Kardashian clan deserves every bit of abuse we can hurl their way.

      • Quite right Sir Chuck…. However, I am holding on to hope the little Jenner girls somehow escape…. Hey, I’m an optimistic cynic!

  • ps= whoever believes this vapid foul slut is pregnant is an idiot …
    she’s an out of shape short =legged pig…

  • Wowza… I don’t like KK any more than you guys, but holy cow ! You Peeps want to believe every nasty thing you read about her..when I read ” a source says ” , I take it for what it’s worth… Nothing.

  • What did this dumb bitch think was going to happen to her body?! It’s a little more than Rib Crib Bloat!

  • She doesn’t even look preggo, she just looks like she’s gained about 15 – 20 lbs….I always thought she’d get a surrogate. Wouldn’t surprise me if she Beyonce-births her kid.

  • I was REALLY really conscious of my initial weight gain when I found out I was expecting my son. I knew what was going on and that it was healthy, but I fled the maternity department more than once in tears & upset. It just sucks when you don’t quite have the preggo belly and you don’t have your old body, either. You just sort of look fat and feel fat. I wish I had known what to expect with my son; if I knew what joy was coming, I’d never have given it a second thought. I practically refused to wear anything maternity because it made me feel like a schlumpy cow. I opted for tunics, leggings & one pair of beloved Seven jeans that I wore all the way up until my 8th month. That said, Kim needs to ditch the leather and see-through clothing. If she dressed in clothes that flattered her, much less gave her room to breathe, she wouldn’t feel so miserable. Plus, girl was seriously curvy to begin with – what’d she expect?! I take MUCH displeasure in pitying her, but I can’t help it.