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Gaga Postpones Tour Due To Pain

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Lady Gaga is postponing her tour, “Monster’s Ball”, due to pain. The mega singer/songwriter/popstar/Lady Madonna says that her joints hurt. Girl, I get it, I do the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.

To all of her monsters, Ms. Gaga says, “I’m sorry. I barely know what to say.” I do believe that she is in pain. She works very hard. However, I cannot help but wonder if there is more to this story. Gaga says, “I cannot walk.” Is that code for something? Rumors of Stefani’s drug abuse have been feverish.

Unrelated: does anyone else think that Gaga is imitating Lana Del Rey‘s style? The two have apparently been meeting at the Chateau Marmont (GREAT GUMBO THERE, GOTTA SAY) for meetings, and I really think that Gaga is inspired by Ms. Lana’s look. I dub thee Gaga Del Rey. And I think she looks positively stunning. I am feeling urges here, people.

However, this isn’t about Gaga’s appearance, it’s about her “joint inflammation.” The quotation marks are solely there because that is what her diagnosis is. I’m not being Joey from Friends. (With the misuse of quotation marks.) I’m just stating facts. However, the last time this reporter saw Gaga, disappointment was rampant. She acted like Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour, from the cursing to the black bra. But I do hope that she recovers. No matter what, you can tell that she gives it all in her performances.

OKAY, FINE, what do you think the quote real reason unquote is for Gaga’s postponement?

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  • Drug use rumors are feverish ? I must need my eyes checked as this is the first time I’m reading about it. I haven’t even read a blind item about this. I’m not saying it isn’t true, after all she has been seen hanging around Lindsey Lohan…ha, maybe her crotch is on fire too !

  • I totally believe it. When I was dancing six hours a day, I definitely got to the point a few times when I had to take a break for several days because my WHOLE BODY hurt and I was hobbling around like an old lady because my feet/legs/back were not cooperating. Between rehearsals and performances, I bet Gaga’s in the same boat!

  • Does anyone else recall her footwear? I bet the silly woman fell off her dumb-ass shoes and tore an ACL or something.

    My money is on her just being too proud to admit that even the “fabulous” Lady Gaga can’t wear that crap.

  • She’s got bordeline lupus hasn’t she? Tbh the joint inflammation and pain makes perfect sense. If she doesn’t take it easy, she could really screw herself up long term. Nothing sinister going on here I suspect, other than just a really crappy medical condition.

  • I have fibromyalgia , and I’m borderline lupus . The two have recently been linked. It’s a terrible thing to have happen to you. If this is the case, I wish her well.

  • I do think Lana’s style is rubbing off on her, and I don’t blame her. I don’t like the hair, too big (only Dolly Parton can have hair that big and that’s because she is a goddess), but the retro look is very flattering and not that hard to put together.

  • I heard she was injured, that might cause pain. If not, there are those rotten things like lupus and fibromyalgia that can really cause some severe joint pain. As for drugs, only she knows. Rumors run rampant, so I don’t believe hardly anything I read, and only believe about 10% of the pictures I see. She is really a great performer, and she made really need some plain old fashioned rest.