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Justin Bieber’s Mother Lets Him Do What He Wants

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to insufferable asshole Justin Bieber; his mother, Pattie Mallette, is also – surprise, surprise! – the absolute worst. Oh, it was all wonderful in the beginning when she painted herself as just a struggling single mom* who wanted no part of showbiz but eventually gave in for the sake of her son, who was just so passionate about music that it would be cruel to keep him from sharing his God-given talent with the world. Of course, the truth has since come out that she’s a money grubber and all those Christian values (including promotion of abstinence-only education) she purports to live by and endlessly preaches about kinda don’t apply to her own son, who has turned into a total nightmare.

Anyway, Pattie is currently on her Tour of Terror and is making the round on US TV shows as she promotes her memoir about how kewl it is to make money off the kid you nearly aborted – amen! – and she had nothing but positive things to say about Justin’s on-again/off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and Justin’s life choices during a recent appearance on the Today show.

“You know, I just try and support whatever he’s wanting,” she said. “And I think she’s a sweetheart, and whatever they decide is great.”

“I mean, it’s tough letting go and letting our kids make the mistakes that they need to make. I just have to trust that he’s made good decisions in the past, and hopefully he’s learned from some of my mistakes.”

I know Justin’s 18 now and she can’t control him and all, but I can’t help but wonder what she really thinks about the fact that he’s pretty much doing every single thing on her list of diabolical activities: sex, drugs, breaking the law, being a dick to people… that’s something to be proud of, for sure.

*Mad respect to single moms – and single parents in general. Raising a kid is hard as hell and doing it well is something to be celebrated.

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  • I like how she’s writing a book saying “single motherhood is actually pretty great” yes, because you had to support your child for 12 years before millions of dollars started pouring into your pockets and you were still young enough to live it up, which is totally the norm for most single teenaged mothers. It’s not 20 years of struggling to get to your second job on time so you can get your child shoes or sleeping 3 hrs a night so you can go to classes in the evening to try to make a better life. What a joke, it was great for you because your kid is your cash cow.