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So, Uh, Justin Bieber Wanted You to See His Butt

A photo of Justin Bieber

Happy Sunday, you guys! Did you have a good night last night? Did you get into anything wild and crazy? Me, I just went out to buy hair dye and milk and then I watched Just Like Heaven, that romantic comedy with Reese Witherspoon where she’s in this coma and her spirit has to get Mark Ruffalo to save her with the power of love. But I bet you guys went wild.

Oh, this post? Yeah, this is just Justin Bieber showing off his ass. He put it on Instagram. I don’t know why, but there it is. I know it’s not the whole thing, but it’s still something special. It’s something special to me.

But hey, how long do you think it will be till Justin does a dick pic, Chris Brown style? Probably not long, right?

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  • I really don’t like to burst bubbles (sometimes it’s fun) but this guy doesn’t quite look like Buttser… The nose seems off… And the arms… Too long and veiny. But then again, I wouldn’t really know. Because… well, it’s Justin Bieber.

    • hei i am abig belieber and i wish that i could come to his consert in stochkolm but i wont i dont have ticket to me and my sister bur we live in SWEDEN so hot and…….. as hi has PLEASE COME TO GOTHENBURG IN SWEDEN JUSTIN !!!!! PS:i love you !!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  • Haha I like how you followed up the question about a dick pic with the comment “Probably not long, right?”… (that’s what she said)

  • you can tell it’s him by the shitty tattoo on his shoulder(i think the tattoo artist secretly hates him because i’ve seen his work and he’s better than that)
    but more importantly GROSS but probably not as gross as the comments from the thousands of pre teens that follow him(where are your parents?!?)