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Justin Bieber Is So Sorry About All The Weed

A photo of Justin Bieber

Are you happy now? Have you gotten your fill of shaming poor little Justin Bieber, or do you still have some more insults to throw at him for smoking that wacky weed? Did you forget what it was like to be a rich and famous 18-year-old boy? Do you have no humanity? No decency?

Well, regardless of all that, this is not about you. This is about Justin, and how even though he makes mistakes, he’s still a wonderful person, a bright, beautiful star in this dark, dark world. Here are some tweets he tweeted yesterday that prove just how wonderful – and just how sorry – he really is:

everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up.

back on tour tomorrow. ready to see u all smile. time to do what im supposed to be doing. performing. #BELIEVEtour

i see all of u. i hear all of u. i never want to let any of you down. i love u. and..thank u. #beliebers

like i said…2013…new challenges. new doubters…Im ready. We are ready. see u all tomorrow and everyday after that. #BELIEVEtour

goodnight ladies. #muchlove

So there you go, doubters. Justin Bieber has acknowledged that he is only allowed to do one thing in this life: excite the young girls of the world. He is allowed no mistakes, no breaks, and no setbacks. Justin Bieber is a machine, and as such, he was in the studio this very morning recording a song to smooth this whole thing over. Or at least that’s what I’m assuming, based on this tweet from Justin’s manager, Scooter:

up early working hard to get this last minute very heartfelt song the kid just wrote onto the #BelieveAcoustic album. #11songs

So what do you say? Can you forgive him yet?

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  • Don’t these people still have family in their lives that care about their well being and just not as a free pay check :( these kids get so far off track and no one cares as long as they are still bringing the money in he is gonna be the male version of LILO ! It’s very sad they could have it all but they choose to ruin it with drugs !!! I hope Selena Gomez runs far and fast because he is only gonna bring her down and she deserves much better !!!! Run Selena and don’t look back he doesn’t deserve you and has been making you look like a fool for awhile and now we know why because all those brain cells he’s losing from all of those drugs !!!! He’ll be sorry some day because his career is gonna go in the shitter and she will still be around for awhile !!!!!

  • It not really a big deal… It looks bad because of the smooched photog.. If the photog didn’t make a living trying to bust a kid for smoking pot..well, he’d still be alive and we wouldn’t be reading about this.

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