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Amanda Bynes Calls Jay-Z Ugly on Twitter, Then Deletes It

I’ve got to hand it to Amanda Bynes, who continues to take it to the next level at every available opportunity with pure, unadulterated f-ckery. I don’t pretend to know what goes through her head when she does stuff like piercing her face or hit-and-running, and I certainly don’t know what in the hell possessed her to get on Twitter and call Jay-Z ugly.

Of course, she later thought better of whatever the hell that was and decided to delete it, but not before it was picked up by plenty of sites, all of which are wondering the same thing: what is wrong with this girl? Also, why choose a paparazzi photo with someone else’s head in the way to insult someone with? The mind boggles on so many levels.

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  • She is a crack head but she is still entitled to her opinion ! For years people have been commenting on his not so great looks ! People can say what ever they want you know he isn’t god !!! He is filthy rich but if I say he’s ugly it’s not gonna take money out of my pocket so who cares !!!

  • Yeah pretty much what Kimbra said… You don’t attack one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry, especially when you’re having so many problems.

  • Yeah sure we were all thinking it (ugly as a demon) but since AB is a “celebrity” and a lot of people read her tweets.. she needs to take the high road, and keep it to herself!!!!