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Adele Is Making Serious Bank

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Adele is a total queen and incidentally, one rich bitch because of it. The success of her sophomore album 21 was unparalleled and her talent is just insane, so it should be no surprise that she makes a hell of a lot of money now, even though every song she writes probably makes you want to cry your eyes out and/or jump off your nearest bridge.

From The Sun:

The ‘Rolling In The Deep’ singer, brought up by her mum in a flat above a shop, now rakes in £41,000 a DAY.

And the flush star is having no problem splashing out £47,000 a month to rent Sir Paul McCartney’s old home in Los Angeles while she rehearses for the Oscars.

Accounts for Adele’s company Melted Stone Ltd show there is £10.3million in the bank and £4.6million due in royalties and other payments — a £14.9million total.

The figures reflect the runaway success of her album 21 and breakthrough in the huge US market.

For our American audience, £41,000 per day equals about $64,500 and that £15 mil she’s worth is actually a cool $23.6 million. Not too bad! Obviously celebrities are way overpaid, blah blah, but Adele is one person whose success I could never begrudge as she’s just so damn good and has worked so hard. Plus, now she’s got a kid to raise, and we all know how expensive they are. $23 million should begin to scratch the surface.

Now let’s all watch her perform ‘Set Fire to the Rain’:

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  • No butt shaking, hair flipping, crotch thrusting, back up dancers, or pyrotechnics. Just pure talent and class. Suck that Beyonce!

  • I adore Adele, especially the fact that she hasn’t left her roots behind-she’s still a practical, generous, down to earth woman who isn’t taking “diction” classes and laughs-well, like someone from Tottenham (N. London)!
    She must be a wonderful mum-no pics with the babe; I’m sure that’s on purpose.
    As I am writing this I am thinking whether she might be generous enough to help me pay off my student loan. Remember how Elvis used to randomly give away Cadillacs?…I know, It’s all about me….