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It’s OK, Amanda Bynes is Just Piercing Her Face, That’s All

photo of amanda bynes pictures
You guys know that Amanda Bynes has a Tumblr, now, right? Because Amanda Bynes has a Tumblr, and it’s chock-full of photos like the one above, which shows off Amanda’s new dimple piercing. Um, piercings, rather, because now that I take a second look at it, it looks like she’s got one on either side, and that’s totally hot and doesn’t—at all—make me think of weird, invasive braces or retainers or anything. Hot.

I’m just so glad that Amanda has a Tumblr, because Twitter just wasn’t happening and it’s not as if she’s got people out there who are willing to do her talking for her or anything.

Got to keep tabs on this crazy asshole somehow, you know? God knows when she’ll be in your area next.

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  • Unless she gets a whole bunch of other piercings and her whole arm tattooed, I’m going to label her a poser. Because I actually liked that cute girl who worked with Kat Von D who had the dimple piercings. It looks fine if that is who you are- a rocker chick. But Amanda with her Louis bags and waist length blonde extensions just will never work.

    • See, this rubs me the wrong way. I have tattoos on my back, legs, behind my ears, and on my arms. And we’re not talking mini tattoos. Currently, I’m in the process of getting a half-sleeve and covering the bottom half of my right leg. I dress nothing like what you call a “rocker chick.” Just your average clothing. And what does it matter anyway? People can do what they damn well please.

      Stereotypes FTW!

  • Seriously, i can not believe all this hate, just stop! She has done more in her life than you could even ponder to imagine. She did alot at a young age and now she is changing and getting piercings, and wear wigs it sounds like a blast to me. but seriously WHO CARESS everyone changes.