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Amanda Bynes’ Weed Loving Ways Maybe Got Her Kicked Out of Her NYC Apartment

Amanda Bynes loves a lot of things: In-n-Out burgers, hitting things with her car and driving away, bizarre facial piercings… the list goes on and on. However, there’s one thing in particular that gets the She’s The Man star’s heart a-flutter (literally and figuratively): a puff of the sweet Mary Jane. Listen, I’m not here to judge – I may or may not have smoked enough in my early 20s to keep coffee shops in Amsterdam afloat for the next ten years, but then I, you know, grew up and got my life together and found better things to spend my time and money on. Not so for Amanda, whose love of the Earth’s bountiful green has gone too far and possibly got her an eviction notice from the landlord of her New York City apartment.

From TMZ:

Amanda Bynes is currently packing up her NYC apartment … and moving somewhere else … after her landlord threatened to evict the actress claiming she’s a disrespectful rule-breaker … TMZ has learned.

Sources at the apartment tell us … Bynes got a letter from building management earlier this month explaining that her lease would be terminated … because she’s a building nuisance.

We’re told management made the decision after getting several complaints of marijuana smoke coming from her apartment — “morning, noon and night.” Sources say she was also seen smoking weed in the hallways.

First of all, girl, you need to get an atomizer and some Nag Champa if you’re gonna do that shit 24/7. Second of all, you need to get into rehab and stop doing it. What am I even saying? Am I an enabler? Maybe. But if she’s not going to get her shit together and stop smoking her life away, she might as well do it smartly and, you know, not be homeless.

Sources say that she decided not to wait to be evicted and has instead moved out willingly. However, she’s since texted Celebuzz and swore that she’s not being evicted as – hello! – she doesn’t rent, but own. I don’t buy that (no pun intended), but salt willingly.

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  • Sorry you are such a failure that fucking weed ruined your life. Let’s hope we don’t catch any typos or old as fuck stories or just general suckage like your predecessors were known for.

    Some people, like say the residents of Washington and Colorado, are perfectly capable of living life and smoking weed. Shocking!

    But you smoked (and used incense!) for a couple years in your 20s? You fucking rebel you. Now get back to judging people that can handle their shit.