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Amanda Bynes: “It’s All Lies”

A photo of Amanda Bynes

From Star via Celebitchy:

Amanda Bynes has been terrifying friends and family recently with her very public and bizarre antics. But Star spoke exclusively with the “retired” actress, who claims that she is doing “just fine.”

“There is no craziness,” Bynes, 26, tells Star when asked about her erratic behavior. “There’s no story there. It’s all lies.” But one man disagrees. The seller of a red Porsche met with Amanda after she saw his ad and asked for a test drive, insisting she could drive a stick shift. “That was certainly a lie,” says a source. “After a few blocks, the owner told her to pull over and drover her back to her car.” But the odd situation didn’t end there. “It got weirder. She asked if he would take her to The Home Depot to purchase some cleaning supplies. She clearly had no intention of purchasing the car. He was livid and told her to get out.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she denied everything,” an insider says of the incident. “She seems to be living in a fantasy world.”

Oh, ok, Amanda. Sure thing. All those photos of you doing crazy things aren’t even real because “there is no craziness.” They were probably just Photoshopped by the aliens, right? And all those police officers are just out to get you, that’s why they made up all those lies about you. Oh, girl, your tinfoil hat is crooked, you might want to work on that.

Real talk: stop. Get help. Talk to someone. Work this out. There is craziness, and its name is Amanda Bynes.

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