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Kim Kardashian Thinks Being A Mom Is “Boring And Miserable”

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Did you guys watch the premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami? You probably didn’t. But if you did, you’d know that Kim said some really mean things about Kourtney, and about mothers in general. Keep in mind that this was filmed just a few months before Kim got pregnant herself.

From The Daily Mail:

She announced at the end of last month that she is expecting, her first child, but before falling pregnant it seems that the idea of having a baby terrified Kim Kardashian.

On Monday night’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, the middle Kardashian sister lashed out at Kourtney for being what she called a ‘slob-kabob’.

Kim confessed to her best friend Jonathan Cheban: ‘She literally is like Octomom. It’s so overwhelming, it’s even made me second guess wanting to have kids.’

She added: ‘I would die if I had kids right now.’

Jonathan assured the reality star that she would ‘be a great mother’, but did imply the 32-year-old ought to start worrying about ageing.

‘You act like you literally have 500 kids,’ Kim told her sister when she saw her in sweatpants during the afternoon one day.

‘Talk to me once you have a child,’ Kourtney, 33, hit back.

But when she later attempted to wear a printed dress, Kim referenced Three’s Company with the words: ‘That was like, Mrs. Roper status.’

As usual, Kim took things too far, when she described Kourtney – and all mothers for that matter – as having ‘boring and miserable lives’.

She told the mother-of-two over dinner: ‘Mom life is so torturous. I have a whole new perspective on how boring and miserable your lives are.

‘If you knew how boring you’d become, would you still have had kids?’

A furious Kourtney stormed out of the restaurant after the cruel comments and called Kim ‘a bitch’, telling her she can find her ‘own ride home’.

Eventually, Kim took Kourtney to dinner to apologize, and told her that she’d been so mean because she was worried about her own fertility, which she knew she had problems with. But still, is that the bitchiest conversation you’ve ever heard or what?

I don’t have kids, and I’m not planning on having any for a good few years, but I’ve taken care of some babies long enough to realize that there’s no reason to talk shit like this. Like, you are completely responsible for a human being who can’t even hold his own head up. It’s cool if you don’t want to get dressed up.

But I think we can all agree that comparing Kourtney to Octomom was way too low a blow. That is completely hurtful and uncalled for. I wouldn’t compare my worst enemy to Octomom.

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  • Can we rid ourselves of these people?.. I love to read this site but every time these media whores wipe their ass.. you run it like it’s the end of the world.

    How about a week of no coverage? Just seven days of respite from them… PLEASE!

    • Here, here! I despise this skank like no other. For a talentless, whining, fourth-rate porn star with a giant ass that NO OTHER “celebrity” would be able to walk around with and not be laughed at non-stop, Kim K needs to be ignored. That’s the worst torture for a nincompoop like her.

      • And while we’re on the subject, how about a whole lot less about Taylor Swift?! I am sick to death of that mousey little pinched up face of hers.

  • That stuff is all staged and manipulated. Show execs planned that episode to try to generate interest about the faux conflict.

    • LOL

      Of course everything was staged. The whole thing is manipulation.

      The weird thing is people are like Pro Wrestlin’ fans. Try to explain to them that it is all scripted or at least pre-agreed.

      What they do is activate the “I’m better than them” trigger. They just aim so low that no one is beneath them.

      In fact, I bet Octomom watches them and smiles.

      • It’s just annoying to have this kind of stuff “reported” on when it’s all fake anyway… it’s like buying in to the crap they’re purposefully trying to shove down our throats, and that disturbs me. I don’t want to be part of their game.

  • HEY! You know what else is “boring and miserable” ? Having to know every day we have to share the same oxygen w/useless self absorb people… Like a kartrashian…

  • Of course, she feels that way, Kim has trouble keeping in any relationship, because she’s selfish and wants to be able to flash and able to work. Which goes back to the way Kris Jenner raised her daughters,and incorsed them to work, to do what they do, remember when Kim went to the mansion to do a shoot, it was Kris that made the big things about posing and she coulddo that all day and made a portrait of herself to Bruce. Amagine, unlike Bruce’s photo she probably hung hers on th wall! SHE IS AN UNFIT MOTHER AND THE GIRLS WILL REVERT TO WHAT THEY KNOW AND BEEN TAUGHT.

  • you couldn’t even go a day.. 24 bleeping hours…. there’s more about them today..

    New editor?, new writer? please make it a “K family Kill Zone” as in Kill the stories!!!!!!