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Let’s Check on Jordana Brewster, Huh?

photo of jordana brewster latina magazine pictures
If this chick doesn’t look more and more like Demi Moore-or-Heidi Klum every damn time I see her (which isn’t all that frequent), then I don’t know who does (besides Demi Moore-or-Heidi Klum, of course).

Jordana, who I used to love love love back in movies like ‘The Faculty’ and a made-for-TV movie called ‘The 60’s’, hasn’t been doing a whole lot lately other than the TV ‘Dallas’ thing that I’m not watching, but hey. How about a pretty bland interview with Latina, where she talks about her childhood? That’s something, isn’t it?

Jordana on being a kid in Brazil:

“I call myself a Brazilian-American. Now I would say that. When I was living in Brazil I felt very American and when I was in America I felt very Brazilian. I always felt like a fish out of water. High school and middle school were really hard for me and we moved when I was 10, but once I got past those, I realized how lucky I was that my parents traveled with me and my sister. It broadened my perspective.”

On her marriage:

“It’s so amazing to have a husband in the business who can challenge me and we can talk about his work and my work and understand each other in that way. I love getting his feedback and he likes getting mine. And of course, that has pushed me more to consider producing in the future.”

And finally, her future family plans:

“I definitely want to have kids. I want two. I grew up with a sister, but I know Andrew would love boys, but I’ll take what I can get. One thing that I’ve always sort of loved and been enamoured by is the idea of having twins. My dad was a twin, so it runs in the family. Fingers crossed. So we’re thinking about having kids but I don’t know when it’ll happen. I feel very ready now.”

Can I just say, though? Can I just say? Girlfriend’s thirty-two years old. I kind of questioned the having-kids thing because I thought she was more like forty-two, and you know how those things sometimes work out, but then I found out that she’s only thirty-two. And she does not look thirty-two, I’m sorry. It’s not to say that she looks bad, but it is to say that she definitely looks older than her thirty-two years, and she might not be so happy about that in a decade or so, but who knows. Maybe she’s cool and doesn’t really care about shit like that. I’m hoping that’s what it is, anyway.

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