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Everybody Hates Mila Kunis’ Sweatpants

A photo of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Look, I love Mila Kunis. I loved her on That 70s Show, then I loved her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then I loved her in Black Swan, and I loved her in everything in between. I think she’s just wonderful. I would want to be her friend.

One of the things that I love about this lady is that sometimes, she just doesn’t give a f-ck. She’ll go out in sweatpants and no makeup, and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t put on a pound of makeup just because some stranger is probably going to want to take pictures of her. She just doesn’t care.

But, as always, one lady’s treasure can be another lady’s trash. And it looks like for a lot of people, Mila Kunis’ sweatpants make her trash:

Sexiest? More like schlubbiest woman alive.

Sweatpants-loving Mila Kunis is a guy’s girl – and she’s got the wardrobe to prove it.

Seemingly eager to shed her Sexiest Woman Alive title – Esquire Magazine crowned the Ukrainian-born beauty last November – Kunis is rarely spotted these days in anything except dumpy, frumpy gym wear.

Apparently at chez Kunis, it’s laundry day everyday.

From morning coffee runs with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher to canoodling in the West Village, walking the dog or lunch in L.A., Kunis and Kutcher are a match made in casual dressing hell.

At first, it was cute to watch them smooching in Central Park in matching T-shirts or see her run out in the morning without painting on a full face of makeup and cavorting Kardashian-style for the paparazzi. But now it’s time to shed the elastic waistband and invest in a hairbrush.

She’s a Golden Globe-nominated actress for “Black Swan,” not a member of Justin Bieber’s entourage.

“I love her, and though I can certainly relate to her craving for comfort, there really is a better way to do it,” says Mary Kate Steinmiller, senior fashion market editor at Teen Vogue.

Unlike other Hollywood A-listers Gwen Stefani, Jessica Chastain and Jessica Alba with street style to match their flawless red-carpet looks, Kunis insists on dressing like an unwashed teenage boy.

Hot mama Gwen Stefani instantly adds glamour to everything from a plain tank top and jeans to an oversized cape with a bold red lip and oversized shades. Jessica Alba, the master of casual chic, is constantly photographed around L.A. in comfy T-shirts and jeans accessoried with a designer handbag, colorful scarf, cute flats and denim jacket. And Jessica Chastain, currently in “The Heiress” turns Broadway into her personal runway everytime she shows up for a show in fitted coats, statement-making shoes and impeccable accessories.

To keep it casual but still chic, Teen Vogue’s Steinmiller suggests that Kunis try silk pajama-style pants by Piamita, stretchy denim leggings by Citizens of Humanity or cashmere Juicy Couture track pants in a bold color.

“I will never utter the word ‘jegging,’” she says about the superstretchy Citizen of Humanity jeans. “I know the loose freedom of a sweatpant hardly seems comparable to a legging jean, but these feel like wearing nothing.”

As for that we-just-rolled-out-of-bed-because-we-are-so-in-love hair that she can’t seem to wash away, it’s time to start throwing it up into a messy top knot, quick side braid or pick up some dry shampoo to soak up some of that greasy mane.

I don’t know, guys. I think it’s fun to talk about fashion, but in terms of what people chose to wear to events, not really what people chose to wear when they’re going about their lives. Especially when it’s something as boring as sweatpants and a hoodie. It’s not even fun to talk about, and it’s not like we haven’t all gone through a period where we just didn’t feel like putting that much effort into going outside.

But I need to take a moment to cosign on the suggestion of jeggings. Jeggings forever.

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  • Hey, who cares what they wear going about their day? Personally, I love it when girls dress down, and Mila still looks great in sweatpants.

  • Sweet Jesus. Why does no one hate Ashton’s sweatpants? They are much uglier than Mila’s. Is she supposed to go out everywhere with full-on makeup and hair and coture outfits with him in those clothes? Really?

  • it is mean. have to spend hour on make up to go shopping?
    teen vogue think to be good she have dress pretty.

  • Until I don’t see the same amount of ink/megabytes consecrated to Ashton Kutcher’s hair and clothes, I will keep on calling this plain old sexism and double standards.

  • Ashton is just nasty. And while I personally would never go out in sweatpants, it’s her decision, and, honestly, she still looks gorgeous. I like her eyebrows.

  • Love Mila. Nobody complains about men wearing baggy assflash jeans or tatty old sweats and hoodies. She has to dress up plenty for work, let her slob it up whenever she’s got downtime. She’s gorgeous no matter what.

  • I hate Mila. The reason I hate her is because she’s nothing special and I can’t for the life of me figure out her popularity. Seriously, did she sell her soul to the Devil?

    Perhaps, I’m silly, but when I watch films I like to get away. I want to see beautiful people and/or amazing acting. Mila provides neither. Her looks are as average as they come, but she has way too much attitude to even get that girl-next-door vibe. Even worse, her acting is dismal.

    If I saw a woman like Mila on the street, I would never call get ugly, she’s not in terms of everyday life. But she’s way too ugly for film, she’s certainly not sexy and her acting is terrible!