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Matthew McConaughey Is Getting So Fat!

A photo of Matthew McConaughey

OMG, you guys, LOL! LOL, JK! Matthew McConaughey is totes not fat. Totes McGoats.

It’s just that last month, Matthew McConaughey looked like this:

A photo of Matthew McConaughey

In that photo, by the way, he was right around 135 pounds, which was his goal – he was shooting a movie about a man with AIDS, remember? – and which was also absolutely bananas. According to Google, Matthew is six feet tall exactly. Six feet, 135 pounds. Oh. My. God.

Since that photo was taken, Matthew’s gained 25 pounds, as you can see in the very first photo. He wants to be back up to 165, so he’s pretty close, and then I imagine he’s going to start working out to get back to his usual buffness.

But hey, what a crazy ride, right?