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This is Lindsay Lohan Not Partying on New Year’s Eve

photo of lindsay lohan partying drinking london new year's pictures
Remember how we told you guys that Lindsay Lohan was totally doing nothing for New Year’s, and how she was just going to go to dinner with her friends and family and then go right to bed? That totally happened, and there’s absolutely nothing here to see except for Lindsay Lohan just being really tired from all of that nothing-doing on New Year’s Eve, and Lindsay Lohan needing a burly bodyguard to guide Lindsay Lohan to her car, because gosh, I get so tired that I fall over and have no idea what car’s about to take me home on occasion, too.

This photo? Doubtless there was just something in Lindsay’s eye, and that’s why she was making that face. I can’t even believe you’d think otherwise:

photo of lindsay lohan making a face drunk london pictures
Happy New Year, Lindsay—I hope it was a good one for you, girl.

Gallery photos courtesy of The Superficial

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  • In that first photo she looks just like her dad. She should not make that face ever again. Seriously. Never ever again.

  • Did someone tell this moron that she looks sexy blowing kisses at the paps? I’ve seen this same pose over and over and it makes me want to hurl every time.

  • Dina looks REAL happy to be getting papped, no? Like wasted, pissed, busted by photogs. She’s gotta get her cut of that international hooker money. Disease-ridden filth, they are.