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Hey, So Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner Actually Got Married!

photo of crystal harris wedding dress pictures
And on New Year’s Eve, too, just like everyone said. Go figure—it actually happened this time.

Anyway, this is Crystal Harris and her newly (even more) jacked face on her wedding day to poor, frail Hugh Hefner, who I’m starting to pity more and more as the days go by. That dress sure is pretty though, huh?

The couple got married at the Playboy mansion earlier this week, and this is what Hugh the Man had to say about his newest blushing bride:

“Crystal & I married on New Year’s Eve in the Mansion with Keith as my Best Man … Love that girl!”

Which, hey. Sure. I guess when you’re going to be eighty-seven years old, you should be pretty thankful and happy for anything that happens to you, because really, at that age especially, you never do know which life event is going to be your last. With Hugh at almost ninety years old, this could very well be his final wedding. I mean, it probably won’t be, but there’s always that chance that Crystal Harris could be the bride that inherits the fruits of the whole Playboy empire. Can you even imagine?

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  • I feel so sorry for holly Madison she is probably so sad :( I know she is pregnant now by some nobody who is probably just using her but she was truly in love with hef and I alway held out hope that they would get back together :) I can see crystal sneaking guys in the mansion right under hefs nose and him having no clue and god forbid when he dies she will turn that house in to a bigger whore house then hef ever did ! I hope he makes sure his animals will be taken care of after he’s gone because crystal can’t even take care of her self !!!!

  • How cheap was that wedding when she can’t even afford a photographer and instead has to take a mirror picture of herself with her phone? Hasn’t she got at least one friend to do that for her?

  • my question is- was it just a wedding ceremony? Was it all just for show? or did they also file the necessary paper work to be declared legally married? i could picture them as having a ceremony to be pretend married just for the media attention, especially seeing that the playboy/playgirl empire has not been doing so well in the last decade.

  • I’m with Julia & Cindy. Poor Holly She Really was his Soulmate & The BEST choice for Hef.
    Crystal is just a depraved golddigger & she is ugly as f**k to boot. Lets all hope he has an airtight PRENUP :|

  • I’m sick to death of this Crystal person !!! She PROBABLE ran back to that boyfriend of hers so that they could hatch this plan of how to rip POOR Hef off ! You know she couldn’t do it herself ! What sickens me is that he will b SOOOO TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF now that Poor Mary’s gone !!!! No ones there to watch after him ! She’s PROB . Slipping mickeys in his oatmeal ! I’m sick also cause Holly & he ARNT together as well BUT SHE DOES look happy & has the sweetest baby !! To bad it’s not hefs . All I can say is Hef BETTER LEAVE HOLLY SOMETHING BIG ! And I did read that he MADE CRYSTAL SIGN A PRE NUP ! Praise The Lord !!!! Hang in there Hef & chek ur oatmeal !!!