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Quotables: Poor, Poor Sean Penn

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There is no shame in saying that we all want to be loved by someone. As I look back over my life in romance, I don’t feel I’ve ever had that.

Sean Penn on living his life completely devoid of the one thing that he’s always wanted—love. And guys, call me crazy, but I totally see this. Hear me out. You know, I get that probably no one’s ever loved Sean Penn wholly, and I get that it’s probably because he’s just too big-hearted himself, and too giving, and I feel so sorry for him.

I’m sure his never feelings about how he never “ever had that” has absolutely nothing to do with hitting ex-wives over the dome with baseball bats, or perceiving young starlets’ obsessive love as the real thing (?), because love is love and no amount of busted teeth or baseball bats could really dull the knife that cuts the deepest.

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  • What he meant to say:

    “When I look back at my romantic life, I know I’ve never loved myself or anyone else.”

    Abusive men usually play victim in all circumstances because it justifies their mental state, words and actions. He is still doing that. Robyn must be a gold digging Hoe to put up with a childish man like Sean Penn.

    • makese sense. abusive ppl may tend to think like this no matter what cos keep a block from someone trying to get close, like i think some get abusive from paranoia accusing lovers of paranoid stuff. so if they do that makes sense they would never feel loved, cos they too paranoid to trust another

  • I read a lot more of the article at celebbitchy and I had the artistic ephiphany that I really feel this particular magazine article should have been published with one of those greeting card song playing installments (you know, the one’s that start playing when you open them). Just imagine how more fabulous this piece of writing would have been with a symphony of Kanye West’s ‘Let’s Hear it for the Douche Bags’ taking you through this magnificent interview! Now that’s art ladies and gents!

    • I see the camera panning to Sean. He’s downtrodden, tragic, a man who tried, who gave his soul and was screwed by the universe. “Make-up!! We need Glenn Beck’s Vick’s Vaporub to put under Sean’s eyes for some real tears…”

  • I’m sure his kids and ex-wife appreciate that statement. Aren’t there some people in Haiti who love him? Poor me, all I have to keep me company are my massive piles of money. *sob*

  • He doesn’t feel he’s ever had it because he’s not capable of feeling it. He wouldn’t recognize love if it hit him over the head with a bat. Because he’s too self-pitying and perhaps too self-hating (with that mug, you’d have a Jimmy-Durante-sense-of-humor to keep it in perspective).

    Regardless of what you want to say about his looks, what an ugly thing to say about the lovely woman who gave you two children and was married to you, when all the while he’s incapable of recognizing her love, much less returning it.

    Robin was with him for 20 years, 16 or so of them married. She gave him two children. She started working when she was 14 and had a very successful acting career both before and after they married. She didn’t need him financially and may have been better off without him professionally. So to imply that there was anything fraudulent about the marriage is churlish.

    Maybe she said some angry things to him during the divorce and he’s forgotten all of the good in the relationship.

    And telling the world that you went to bars and struck out four nights in a row just shows you that women aren’t falling all over themselves to be with him, which makes it even more unbelievable that anyone falls for him at all. He should be grateful that any women are interested in him, much less famous, talented, beautiful ones.

    Unlovable is as unlovable does, Sean.

    • Robin was with him a long time. Why would an independent woman tolerate Penn’s behavior? I hope she examines herself and selects a mentally whole and healthy partner next time. Her children had to put up with a Father who never felt romantic love. That must leave something lacking.