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Kelsey Grammer Is Such A Bad Parent

A photo of Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer

That’s not much of a shocker, I know. With Kelsey Grammer‘s general attitude, it’s not that hard to imagine that he wouldn’t be a gentle, loving father. Throw in that whole thing where he took his little baby to a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion, oh, and that thing where he wanted to Camille to have custody of their daughter while he had custody of their son, and I think it’s pretty much proven.

But here’s more proof, straight from the mouth of Kelsey’s ex-wife, Camille Grammer:

On one of Kelsey’s dad rules: “They’re not allowed to same my name in the house. These poor kids, my daughter and my son, can’t say my name in their father’s house. I think they can say ‘Mom’ or ‘The other household,’ But they can’t say my name. They can’t say ‘Camille.’ ”

On communicating with him: “It’s very difficult to co-parent with somebody that won’t speak to you, text you or email you,” she says. “I’ve reached out to him. I think it’s very important to be amicable to raise children, and he refuses to. There’s just so much I can do at this point.”

But do they ever talk? “It’s usually through lawyers. So, we are spending a fortune just to try to co-parent, which is ridiculous.”

Just to clarify, Camille and Kelsey have an 11-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son, so it’s not like the kids are oblivious to this. It’s not like an 11-year-old won’t be weirded out when her did specifically tells her not to say her mom’s name. What a strange, awful man, that Kelsey Grammer.

Ok, now do you want to know something really strange? According to Camille, she and Kelsey aren’t officially divorced because he hasn’t signed the papers. And yeah, he’s married to his new lady too. I’m not sure how that works, but it probably doesn’t work that great. But if he managed to be legally married to two different women at the same time, can he go to jail? Please?

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  • They did one of those divorces where they expedite the actual “divorce” part and separate finances later. That’s where they’re tangled-up. Camille is the ghost of Kayte-future. I hope that tramp is taking notes!

  • I have been told by many of my friends that their parents would reprimand them if they call either parent by their first name, and it has nothing to do with divorce, many of them come from homes where the parents are married. I think it’s a little silly to act like they can’t mention her but “ya, I guess they can talk about ‘mom’ just not ‘Camille'”

  • Ok, wtf is she complaining about? They are allowed to refer to her as mom just not by her first name? Ok, that sounds normal. I get why Kelsey would never talk to her again. She publicly said that it was Karma when Kayte miscarried. That was so wicked in my book. I really dont care that much about their personal mess. I just love Kelsey from Fraiser. That show was perfect!