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Florence Welch Is A Superhero

This is a video taken at a Florence and the Machine concert. Glorious Florence Welch was singing like an angel, as usual, then she saw a man and a woman fighting. So what did she do? She stopped in the middle of the song and told them to just stop. And then she saw that a little girl was crying, upset over the fight, I guess, so Florence hopped off the stage and went into the crowd to hug the girl. Because she is a motherf-cking superhero.

Ok, hey, can we talk about something else real quick? It’s not related, like at all, but listen: Windows 8 can suck a damn dick. My old computer with the Windows 7 that I so carelessly took for granted, died on Friday (which is another story about how Dell can suck a damn dick), so I had to get another one Saturday morning. And guess what? It died today. I had it for three days. Because Windows 8 is the devil. So I had to go back to the store this morning and get another computer. This one has Windows 8 too, so I’m probably going to have to get a new one by Friday. Isn’t that hilarious?

Basically, Florence is amazing, please rant with me, and if you don’t hear from me tomorrow it’s because I robbed a bank to procure funds to build a time machine to travel to an era where Windows 7 computers were widely available. Or to buy a MacBook. Whichever.

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  • Emily, I don’t know if you were a Beet reader back when Sasha was The Beet, but I remember reading her griping about computer problems with her PC and then getting a Mac, and she was like “Hallelujah” and it was funny because it was like a perfect commercial. Also, she did the same thing with smoking cessation, marathon running, and a vegan diet, and that was cool to follow, too.

  • Darling Emily, (and I truly mean that…not an ounce of snark), in this wondrous holiday season I wish you Merry MacBook! Come on Santa, she brightens all our lives!!!!!

  • I have a MacBook Pro and I think Apple can suck it. It’s crashed twice, TWICE! It isn’t compatible with anything I need :( sorry about your windows 8 – trade you?!