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Don’t Worry, We Haven’t Forgotten You … Uh …

photo of heidi montag pictures
What’s her name again? HEIDI MONTAG. Right. I have Crystal Harris on the brain from the earlier post about Holly Madison, and I couldn’t think of any other name than Crystal Harris. I mean, yeah, I guess Crystal and Heidi are about the same, really, and on the same level—the only difference is that Crystal’s going to be one rich bitch while Heidi will never be a rich bitch ever again.

This is what Heidi Montag looks like, for any of you who were wondering what thirty grand worth of plastic surgery would look like five years post-op.

What a great investment, huh? What kind of return are you getting on this shit, huh Heidi?

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  • Its a damn shame….she was smoking when younger & she can ski!! I feel bad for her father, hell of a good guy!

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