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Oh, Now, That’s a Good Look, LeAnn Rimes

photo of leann rimes pictures
Don’t you guys go to the airport looking like this? Because duh, I know I do.

This is LeAnn Rimes hanging out with her family (or, you know, Brandi Glanville‘s family, if you want to argue semantics) at the airport and she looks like a RAWKER. RAWK, LeAnn Rimes, RAWK.

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  • Here’s this cute family, Eddie and his kids, and then there’s her. It looks like they’re escorting in the hitchhiker they picked up on the way to the airport. She’s such a try-hard, and Eddie looks embarrassed as usual.

  • Turns out she flew into my home state of Oregon looking like this…it’s cold, windy and raining… So , nice choice of outfits dear.

  • Rehab worked wonders for Leann, didn’t it? You know that Leann’s marriage is in trouble when she attempts to debunk ROL story by parading through an airport dressed like a hooker(See, Eddie can’t possibly be cheating on Leann because she is “HOT & SEXY”) and she sets up a “happy family” photo-op with x17 at an airport with Eddie and “her boys”(See, Eddie can’t possibly be tired of Leann like ROL said because he and his kids are on a family vacation tour with Leann). When I saw Leann complaining about how the boys spent an entire week with their mother for the holiday, I knew that Leann had some outrageous stunt planned. Cue…a family tour vacation complete with staged photo-ops, twitpics, and “I’m having so much fun with my 3 boys” tweets.

    The disturbing things about this “happy family” staged photo-op is Eddie’s compliance and hypocrisy. Eddie only resumed the “happy family” staged photo-ops with Leann because she got him a job on another Tyler Perry movie. He uses his kids to bargain for gifts from Leann. Leann and Eddie put all types of restrictions on what Brandi can and can not do with her own kids, which they themselves never abide by or follow. Why are those kids on tour with Leann? Because what mattered most to Leann was debunking ROL reports that Eddie wants out of his marriage to Leann.

  • Leann tweeted this: “I’m so grateful for amazing positivity and positive people in my life.”

    Translation: Leann is upset because her staged “happy family: Eddie can’t possibly be cheating because…” photo-op with Brandi’s kid isn’t getting favorable reactions and several people are expressing disgust over Leann’s inappropriate and disrespectful tweets about Brandi’s kids. If Leann loved the kids like she claims, why does she increase the amount of tweets about them just to spite those who ask her to stop being so public about those kids?

  • can’t stand this betch, but that outfit’s hot….however i’d wear it to a concert on a saturday night – not this kind of circumstance. : /

  • Leann is such a disgusting and vile person. She gets slammed for all the disrespectful tweets she has been making about Brandi’s kids yesterday and today, and what does she do? She responds by posting twitpics of Eddie and the boys and making even more tweets taunting Brandi. That’s a very mature way to respond to criticism, right? Tweet even more about the kids just to show people that she can and will do whatever she wants with and to Brandi’s kids because she has an expensive lawyer!

  • I think Eddie is now full-on afraid of LeAnn. I think she’s told him to not even think about leaving her, or else, and it shows in every picture.
    Eddie your karma came for you in the form of psychotic LeAnn. Welcome to your punishment.

  • Didn’t the little transvestite from “The Crying Game” wear this first? Except the tranny was actually pretty with a feminine body

  • She has a perceptual disorder when it comes to her body. She is obsessed with being thin and showing off her body via pics or parading herself around like a prized whore. It’s sad that she’s so shallow and flat as a human being. I get the feeling there isn’t much else for her – except what she looks like. She doesn’t seem like a loving, happy, vibrant woman.

  • She looks pretty high in that picture. I’d half expect a Miller Lite can to fall out of her coat. She looks like she’d be walking next to Steven Tyler – not a family with small and adorable pigeon toed children.

  • She’s butt ugly and that hideous outfit is fucking hilarious. She’s built like a 12 year old boy. She needs a cheeseburger and a long nap.