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Nobody Likes Rihanna Anymore

A photo of Rihanna

This story could be about a lot of things, but it’s not. It’s not about her fans, because her new album is number one on the charts right now. It’s not about dudes, because Chris Brown is obviously on that (more on that in a bit). It’s not her family, because they’re just psyched that she’s back with Chris. No, it’s more about everyone who works with her. Everyone who works with Rihanna doesn’t like her anymore.

Here’s what’s been happening:

“She’s always been unpredictable, but it’s worse than ever,” says the source, adding that “more than one” person who works in her camp is looking for a job away from the Barbadian beauty.

The insider cites Rihanna’s inability “to keep meetings, even ones she’s rescheduled, [and] be on time … to anything.”

“She’ll commit to something, and show up two hours late,” says one agitated staffer.

A second source says “the Chris Brown situation” has aggravated Rihanna’s behavior. “She puts her family and [Brown] above everything else,” and “it really can affect relationships and commitments, and make her and everyone else look bad. People are fed up.”

Rihanna lived up to her recent rep on the last leg of her “777” tour in her concert at Webster Hall last Tuesday, by going on stage approximately an hour and a half after schedule. At her record release party for “Unapologetic” at the 40/40 Club that same evening, the show was set to begin around 11 p.m., but RiRi arrived close to 2 a.m.

“She committed to do the carpet, but went straight to a private room with her family to eat,” says a source, adding that Rihanna missed her mentor Jay-Z, who is a partner in the nightclub. Hova had a drink with music execs, and left 45 minutes before the tardy temptress arrived. Jay left his perch in the VIP section prior to the end of the concert to make sure he’d be able to greet Rihanna (who is managed by his company Roc Nation) after the show, however.

So yeah, things don’t seem to be looking too great for her professionally. I’m not saying that she’ll get dropped or anything – remember that thing about her number one album? – it’s just not an awesome development.

And speaking of developments that are not awesome, here’s a photo that Rihanna put on Instagram last night:

A photo of Chris Brown and Rihanna

She addressed that one to Chris Brown, with the message “i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” Feel free to roll your eyes and sigh as needed.

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  • She has to know if he beats her again, zippo on any pity for her and her beat up face. She better thank the stars above for auto tune and electronics cos she sings off key live.

  • UGH! She is so messed up. She is out to sea and eventually she will be drowning. Her family and label: ENABLERS. No one has anything to say because she is a cash cow.

    Anyway, can someone explain that pic. It looks like Chris’ body is contorted. That’s the back of his head and his arm is in a weird position?

  • here’s my thing,
    is her and him getting back together a good idea? No
    But if that’s what they wanna do then who are we to sit here and judge and make snide remarks? Is this the first time a celebrity who was beaten by there significant other and went back to them happened? Nope. But why is it that this “couple” is ridiculed for it just about every day? its always something… people need to focus on whats going on in their lives and sweep at their own doorstep before trying to sweep at someone else’s. shrugs

  • She has given herself permission to control her own life, and for that I admire her. Her relationship is just that, “Her relationship.” If she decides to work thing out with Chris then that decision is hers and nobody elses. The rest of us need to get on with our own lives and leave theirs alone.

  • I’m tired of both of them, and I can’t wait until people stop giving them attention. She never got the help she needed from this abusive relationship, and just as I’m sure she didn’t get any from growing up in an abusive household. I know from experience, that this isn’t going to end well, but if she’s not going to listen to anyone, then oh well. I just hope that maybe he has changed and won’t hit her again bc too often, abuse victims that go back , men and women, wind up killed.

    • i don’t think he will hit her again. I think he learned his lesson….its rihanna who hasn’t. The song “stay” says it all. she is to obsessed with Chris to let him go. She is moving to fast once again. Wanting a baby and wanting to get married…i wonder if she ever considered Chris’s feelings on the subject matter. Your right…it isn’t going to end well…but not at the hands of Chris.

  • The more pictures she takes with him, the more she tweets about him, the more people talk about her. No one talks about her unless it has something to do with her relationship with Chris Brown.

    Websites like this should boycott her sorry ass. Let’s make her go away. PLEASE.

  • Will y’all please leave the silly chillun’ alone. Surely there’s more to talk about. Let her have a black or blue eye if she wants. There’s a woman somewhere in the world with one right now. You think they got they ass on us. #Not likely.

  • I love Rihanna she’s the best artist and a good singer she’s like the best person in the world look at her she’s beatifulllllllll?????? everybody should like her