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Demi Lovato Just Got Her 24th Tattoo

photo of kat von d and demi lovato pictures
So I just knew that with Jesse James’ recent engagement news would come some kind of Kat Von D publicity because that’s usually how those things work, I just had no idea it would actually come in the form of doing her damn job, and not being some kind of reality ho who’s in it all for the publicity and not at all the art. Or that it would involve Demi Lovato, who looks like a small child standing next to Kat Von D. How tall is Kat Von D, anyway, Google? Oh, she’s 5’9″? That’s pretty tall for a lady, but then again, I’m as tall as Demi Lovato, which is probably why I think *I* am the “average height” (hint: I’m not—Demi’s 5’3″).

Anyway, let’s forget about Von D for a second, because hey—we should celebrate Demi’s 24th tattoo, which comes a few months after her 20th birthday. On a side note, how is it that Demi seems so much older than Miley Cyrus, who also turned 20 over the last few days? And wow! on your tattoos. Twenty-four, huh? I’m 29 and I only have 5 tattoos. I thought I had 6, but I miscounted somewhere (maybe; I gave up after the first recount). COFFEE. I’VE HAD A LOT OF IT TODAY.

Here’s Demi’s newest tattoo, which is actually a few tattoos in one, and yes, I do wonder if she’s counting them as one or individually:

photo of demi lovato new tattoos birds pictures
What do you guys think? I like it all except for all of that ‘faith’ business. Not that there’s anything wrong with faith, of course, the script just kind of takes away from the pretty birdies. You know.

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  • Yeah I quite like the birdies. They remind me of those re-positionable wall stickers. :D

    COFFEE! hehehe Could never tell you’ve had a lot of it today. :D

      • I could really go a coffee meself. :D
        So pissed off! I had ordered a bunch of christmas gifts online, and I just got notified that they are unavailable. Mind you, they took the money three weeks ago, and I’ve been waiting since then. On the front porch, like a puppy.

      • Oh I just love when that happens. I feel like I’m in the same situation any time I order anything online. :|

  • Why does it have to be all up and down her arm and on her wrist and hand? It’s going to look ridiculous when she is 65. I, personally, have never been able to commit to anything enough to put it on my body for the rest of my life – that’s a long time!

    • Totes agree (Look I can be cool – I said ‘totes’). I just don’t get tattoos and it’s extremely rare that I find women with them attractive…they’re usually a huge turn off for me.

      • It’s pretty, but I’ve never been a huge fan of tattoos. Especially when they’re in such a visible place. I see photos of women all dolled up for a night out, and when I see the tattoos on their arms or chests it just looks tacky to me. But to each their own.

  • Gah! I agree with your other readers. When will our obsession with body art end? When someone is in their 50’s – these tats will look ridiculous, trust me. There should be a mandatory waiting period — and after 6 months if you still want it – then go ahead but puhleeze — not so big! There is nothing sexy about someone dressed up with tattoos sticking out. sigh…

    • No, I don’t trust you. I like my tattoos and I know I’ll love them when I’m 50 as well. If you’re fickle enough to not know what you like, then good on you. I know what I like and I get it on my fucking skin, and I look smoking hot with my tattoos when I’m dressed up. Swerve.

      • Oh sweetie…you must be very young. Still like Teletubbies? Who you are when you are 30 is very different from who you are when you are 50. Clothing styles change. hairstyles change. Boyfriends/lovers change…that’s all I’m saying. You just never want to wake up and think, “that was a bad idea.’

    • Everybody likes to criticize others choices!

      The few tattoos I have are basic black because I saw what happened to my uncle’s colorful tattoos he had on his forearms from his stint in the US Navy in the 1960’s – they just faded when he got older into blobby messes. We have pics of them when he first got them (20 yrs old) and when he was in his 60’s. The dragon and tiger were no longer discernible.

  • It looks nice, except that the bird motif is overdone now. She looks so little and dorky next to sexy Kat Von D!

  • I have too many tattoos to count & they look marvelous! Excited about being a tattooed old woman – badass. Good on ya, miss mireee.