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Emma Roberts Wants to Do A Remake of Pretty Woman

A photo of Emma Roberts

From Radar:

Emma Roberts is ready to don a pair of thigh-high boots, pull on a sexy garter belt and rock a teeny-tiny mini-skirt because she wants to do a remake of Pretty Woman, is exclusively reporting.

The pretty 21-year-old actress thinks the classic ’90s movie about a millionaire falling in love with a prostitute should be given a reboot and has been begging producers to consider an updated version.

Pretty Woman earned Emma’s aunt Julia Roberts world-wide praise, a Golden Globe for best actress and an Oscar nomination, so it’s no surprise that Emma believes the same could happen to her!

“Emma’s dream is to re-create Pretty Woman, it’s her ideal role,” a source tells

“She’s been in talks with producers about the possibility of revisiting the character Julia made famous in a reboot of the original film. Emma grew up loving Pretty Woman. It had sentimental meaning for her because her aunt was in it, and she can quote chunks of the movie off by heart. Critically and commercially it was a big success too, Julia was up for awards, and Emma wants to be just as successful.”

Is this a joke? Because I can never tell if Emma Roberts is joking or not. There was her Julia Roberts Halloween costume, and then there was that time that she said that it was “so ridiculous” that some people think she gets parts because of her very famous relatives because “it’s obviously not true.” And if she’s really pushing for this movie, then I don’t even know what’s wrong with her. Do people stalk their own aunts? Is that a thing?

But hey, how wonderful would it be if this movie actually happened? Who would play Richard Gere’s character? Who would make up the drinking game for it?

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  • Emma is delusional if she thinks she could play the title role. For starters, she’d need tp be pretty, not just obsessed.

  • I think this is a great idea. It does need remade and she would be perfect for it. I can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Christian Grey. For some reason I can see that crossover happening. Most women’s ovaries would explode and there would be a MASSIVE baby boom. HA!