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Best, Worst, And WTF Of Golden Globes Fashion

Jennifer Lawrence at her most Jennifer Lawrenciest.

Jennifer Lawrence at her most Jennifer Lawrenciest.

The Golden Globes happened last night and man, what a trainwreck! People were drunk and cursing all over the place. And Clooney wasn’t even there.

But you know what was there? The best, worst, and most WTF celebrity fashion had to offer. Let’s take a look through all these GG outfits and pick out which ones were deserving of BEST, WORST, and WTF.

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American Music Awards Outfits: The Best, Worst, And WTF


The American Music Awards happened and I don’t think anyone really cared that much, but here’s your outfit recap, just in case. Yeah, it’s a day late. Honestly, who really cares? We covered Katy Perry’s “is this offensive” Geisha performance, which was probably the most interesting thing of the whole night. So here’s the outfits, a touch late, but we can still have fun oooo-ing and aaaah-ing and WTF-ing. Which is what I’ll need your help with. I want you to pick the best, worst, and most WTF outfit of the night. Here we go!

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What Was The Biggest Event Of The Summer? VOTE!

MET GALA 2013 Though summer’s technically not over, I think it’s time to take a look back at everything that happened these summer months. There was a LOT. What do you think was the most shocking? The most WTF? The best fashion moment? Let’s vote!

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Biggest WTF?
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Best Celeb Fight?
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Lady Gaga is back. Are you excited?
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Who was more annoying this summer?
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Mwuahaha: Emma Roberts Tried To Cut In Line, Was Denied

emma roberts tried to cut in line

Emma Roberts should really lie low after her recent behavior, not trying to cut in line for a donut. Or “cronut.” I missed a new trend, but apparently there’s these things that are part croissant, part donut. They’re really, really popular, and for once, being a celebrity and Julia Roberts’ niece didn’t open any doors for her.

From Daily Mail:

Emma rocked up at the Dominique Ansel Bakery, home to the Cronut - a combination of a croissant and donut which is currently all the rage. 

Upon seeing a queue of hungry customers winding around the block, the 22-year-old and her publicist allegedly attempted to skip to the front, but were sent to the back of the line by the doorman.

Emma apparently then slunk back to the end of the queue but gave up on waiting after several minutes.

Ha! I bet she totally fired her publicist after that. Meanwhile, Heidi Klum who is 10000x more famous, had no problem waiting in line:

I have literally waited weeks to try one of @DominiqueAnsel’s Cronuts and it was definitely worth the wait!

My favorite person ever is now this chick in the back staring at Roberts like, "Oh no, do not even think about it, bitch."

My favorite person ever is now this chick in the back staring at Roberts like, “Oh no, do not even think about it, bitch.”

Emma Roberts Is “Very Dramatic” And “Way Out Of Control”

evan peters emma roberts fight

Emma Roberts, of all people, was arrested for domestic violence after a bizarre and heated fight with her boyfriend, American Horror Story actor Evan Peters. Peters is not pressing charges, and Roberts’ publicist used the classic, “this was all just a big misunderstanding” line. From ET Online:

It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding. Ms. Roberts was released after [police] questioning and the couple are working together to move past it.

Yeah, okay. After hearing more details about this case, I’m getting pissed off. This is a classic domestic assault excuse. Just because she’s a young woman as opposed to a man doesn’t mean that this isn’t a serious charge. Violence, regardless of gender, is not okay. Judging by these recent photos, her boyfriend has forgiven her. What is going on in their relationship to lead to this? An “insider” told Us Weekly (via Daily News) that,

Emma is very dramatic. [What happened was] way out of control.

Again, with the stupid excuses and explanations. And here’s another classic excuse, the “just a kid” line. From a different source:

They’re a couple young kids. Their romance is pretty extreme. They just behave in a way that’s very passionate.

They’re just too young to know better, is that it? Hmmm…where have we heard that one before?

evan peters emma roberts fight

WTF? Emma Roberts Arrested After Fight With Boyfriend

A photo of Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts doesn’t do anything aside from be Julia Roberts‘ niece. Yeah, she appears in movies, but let’s not pretend that we know of them and/or it’s a big coincidence that she gets movie roles. This is surprising though — little Roberts got arrested. Aaaand it was…for odd reasons. Odd as in…well…here’s the report. From The Stir via TMZ:

Emma Roberts, 22 … was arrested recently on domestic violence charges against her boyfriend Evan Peters [American Horror Story], 26.

According to TMZ, it happened on July 7 at a hotel in Montreal. Other guests called the police after hearing the noise, and when officers arrived, they found Peters, who stars in American Horror Story, with a bloody nose and bite marks.

Hey, Emma? Big mistake. Big. Huge. (ROY ORBISON’S GUITAR goes DER NER NER NER NER here.)

I’m sorry, this isn’t funny, at all. I’m just so confused. I’m not the only one.

A source told TMZ they were both hitting each other, but it was Emma who was arrested because Peters had the obvious physical injuries. The source also said that Emma did not bite him.

But apparently they’re okay now, and no charges against Ms. Roberts were filed. Jesus Christ, what the hell happened??

Emma Roberts Is Very Subtle

A photo of Emma Roberts

This is a photo that Emma Roberts posted on her Instagram. She’s since deleted it. I don’t know what it means. I don’t know who took the picture. All I know for sure is that Emma Roberts hangs out wearing an “I Love James Franco” shirt and what sort of looks like Pikachu underwear. And really, I think that’s all I need to know.