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WTF? Emma Roberts Arrested After Fight With Boyfriend

A photo of Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts doesn’t do anything aside from be Julia Roberts‘ niece. Yeah, she appears in movies, but let’s not pretend that we know of them and/or it’s a big coincidence that she gets movie roles. This is surprising though — little Roberts got arrested. Aaaand it was…for odd reasons. Odd as in…well…here’s the report. From The Stir via TMZ:

Emma Roberts, 22 … was arrested recently on domestic violence charges against her boyfriend Evan Peters [American Horror Story], 26.

According to TMZ, it happened on July 7 at a hotel in Montreal. Other guests called the police after hearing the noise, and when officers arrived, they found Peters, who stars in American Horror Story, with a bloody nose and bite marks.

Hey, Emma? Big mistake. Big. Huge. (ROY ORBISON’S GUITAR goes DER NER NER NER NER here.)

I’m sorry, this isn’t funny, at all. I’m just so confused. I’m not the only one.

A source told TMZ they were both hitting each other, but it was Emma who was arrested because Peters had the obvious physical injuries. The source also said that Emma did not bite him.

But apparently they’re okay now, and no charges against Ms. Roberts were filed. Jesus Christ, what the hell happened??

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  • Didn’t even know that they were together.. Guess that’s how she got the part on AHS. MEH, he seems like a nice guy. Horrible she beat him, for some reason people never get worked up when a girl is beating a man, but the other way around, like with Nigelle Lawson.. People go mad. Emma should be ashamed.