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Everyone Wanted to Have Sex With Kirstie Alley, We Get It

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Now, before we even get into this, I’m going to forewarn you—this bit is from the National Enquirer, and it’s got to be taken with a grain of salt, naturally, but it sounds pretty spot-on, which is why I’m relating it to you guys and your innate senses of discernment. From the Enquirer, how pissed Patrick Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi, is about Kirstie Alley‘s big, fat mouth:

Heartbroken Lisa Niemi feels so betrayed by her once-close pal that sources say she wanted to scream at Kirstie: “I hate you! Patrick never loved you! How could you do this to me?”

Kirstie dropped the bombshell just as Lisa was starting to rebuild her life. She recently began dating Florida jeweler Albert DePrisco after losing her husband of 34 years to pancreatic cancer at age 57 in 2009.

“Lisa has so many happy memories of her marriage to Patrick,” said the source. “Now, Kirstie has sullied those memories by trying to cash in on her friendship with him…”

In her new memoir… [Kirstie] writes that she and [Patrick] tried to “avoid going to that road,” but couldn’t help falling in love.

“He exuded that anything was possible,” Kirstie writes. “The emotions and dialogue escalated daily. One night, toward the end of the shoot, I got fairly drunk, dirty-danced for hours, and then succumbed. We made out with each other.”

While the two weren’t sexually intimate, Kirstie writes that Patrick “asked me one last time to divorce my husband and make a new life with him. He was very persuasive. The decision of whether to run off with him was torturous.”

Ultimately, Kirstie… said she turned Patrick down after confession her forbidden love to her father and him telling her: “You’re married. Knock if off.”

In her explosive book, Kirstie says both Swayze and Travolta begged her to run off with them and describes them as the great loves of her life…

But an insider revealed: “Kirstie says she never consummated her feelings for either of them. In fact, Swayze stopped her when she threw herself at him.

“Although she also says she was tempted to have an affair with her ‘Cheers’ co-star Woody Harrelson, she never did. She even claims a cougar relationship with her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but they were never lovers either.”

In her book, Kirstie says Woody constantly pestered her for sex, and one night while staying at her house with a girlfriend, he knocked on her door at midnight, but Kirstie says she turned him down “half wishing I wasn’t married that night and would band her brains out.”

And about her cougar relationship with Maksim, she writes that she’d “catch him staring at me in a sort of awe” and “it shocked me that I ended up loving him to the degree that I did.”

“It’s genuinely bizarre, Kirstie has written a kiss-and-tell book primarily about the famous men in her life – and yet there’s very little kissing or telling with any of them,” said the insider.

Well, considering the source is probably citing things straight out of Kirstie’s new book, I don’t really get how this could be false. Yeah, maybe the part about poor Lisa Niemi tearing her hair out, maybe that could be a little deviation from truth, but the rest? I have no doubts that Kirstie Alley was under the impression that every male costar wanted to bag her, and while some did, it probably wasn’t for the reasons that she may have thought.

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  • I actually believe the NE more than the other weeklies …they did break and win the Pulitzer for the Tiger Wood affairs so ..

  • She’s gross and has been even before she was on cheers I can totally see her throwing herself at all these men because she is without a doubt a skeevy skank. Why any of them would do her is the big fat question.

  • It’s alright, Lisa Niemi. We don’t believe a word of Kirstie’s delusional, vomitous story.

  • “And about her cougar relationship with Maksim, she writes that she’d “catch him staring at me in a sort of awe” and “it shocked me that I ended up loving him to the degree that I did.”

    You see, Tom Cruise?! NOW do you understand why psychiatrists are necessary?!

  • it’s well known that her days in the 80s & early 90s were cocaine fueled. she doesn’t have a factual memory in her brain, y’all! just listen to that manly lindsay lohan voice… throw scientology into the mix & YEEOWZA. i totally feel for the wives involved here – so messed up.

    • Definitely messed up. Oh, hey—I, too, have the manly Lindsay Lohan voice. But I’m not a homewrecker, I promise. ;)