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Love It or Leave It: Kirstie Alley’s Smug, Man-Stealing Face

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Of course I don’t mean Kirstie Alley‘s smug, man-stealing face itself, because it’s really just secondary to what we’re actually talking about in this particular post, because what we are actually talking about is Kirstie Alley and her smug, man-stealing-revealing book, ‘The Art of Men’, which was written by … well, it was written by Kirstie Alley and talks about various affairs with men in relationships, like John Travolta and the late and great Patrick Swayze. On a side note, what a crap title, am I right? And this is coming from an aspiring novelist who once wrote an outline for a book, cheesily called ‘Reflections on the Bay’. Bad, bad, bad. I know bad when I read it, since I’ve put so much of it out myself, so yes, I feel completely justified in trashing Kirstie’s book name, alright?

But anyway, this photo is from one of Kirstie’s book events, obviously held at Barnes & Noble, one of the nation’s largest booksellers. B&N, as you can see, is helping peddle a book wherein secrets of marriages and relationships gone by are revealed, probably against the will of those involved (except for Kirstie, of course). And how cool is that? Well in short, not cool at all. In fact, it’s probably the furthest possible thing from cool, and while I used to admire Kirstie for her honesty and tenacity and all-around I’m-cool-with-you-ness, this book has definitely taken it a step too far, and from here on out, truth be told, I’m just not all that into Kirstie Alley anymore.

Take that to your local Barnes & Noble and peddle it.

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  • Reflections on the bay? Ugh…lol, almost as cheesy as Nights in Rodanthe! I wrote a novel in ’81-’82 titled School Daze…really fuckin bad,but was surprised when spike lee did a movie towards the end of the 80’s with the same name. No it was never published, no he didn’t steal the name. On vacation and working? Stop working and turn your time there into a ghost hunt. Celebrity shenanigans will still be there when you are done…. Cmon, get hunting!!!