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Owen Wilson Isn’t in Rehab Yet

photo of owen wilson pictures
So yesterday we ran a blind item, and one of our wonderful former writers put an idea in all our heads that the actor in the blind just might be Owen Wilson, and as soon as I read it, I was like, “Oh my God, yes, totally.” So I went on an Owen Wilson scavenger hunt, and found that as of November 10th, four days ago, he was not in rehab. He was actually playing with his son, who is just adorable, and guys, he *is* looking a little … I don’t know, maybe sickly would be the word. See, Owen’s kind of on the thin side these days, and what with his history, I think it’s safe to say that the people who love him should probably check in on him once in awhile and see how he’s doing.

Here’s the photo I found:

photo of owen wilson pictures not in rehab pic
And while maybe I’m making something out of nothing, the blind fits. Owen’s got a history of substance abuse, and I could totally see him hooking up with some seedy stripper a la ‘Wedding Crashers’ or, you know, like before, and the part about him being half of an award-winning duo that writes/directs films? Well. I’m sure you all know that Owen and Vince Vaughn, the hilarious *duo* in ‘Wedding Crashers’ is in the process of wrapping a movie called ‘The Internship’, which Vince Vaughn actually wrote … so there is that.

Good call Jenn—and we miss you, girl!

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