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Thank Goodness Owen Wilson Didn’t Attempt Suicide for Nothing!


Looks like his little self-inflicted brush with death may win him Kate Hudson back!

The ‘Almost Famous’ actress is said to be desperate to woo back Owen – who was hospitalised in August after a failed suicide bid – after realising she still loves him.

A source said: “It was working out between her and Dax, but it’s a clean break.

“After Owen’s suicide attempt, she realised how much she loved him, and broke up with Dax.”

Hooray! Suicide does work, after all!

Yeah, right. Owen Wilson needs a girlfriend right now like he needs a hole in the head.

Owen: Get sober again. Get healthy again. Focus on you.

Kate: Leave him alone!

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  • Train wreck central. He hadda chance for rehab and extensive therapy, but he prefers a Malibu sunset and blow. Who doesn’t? But that wasn’t working for him. You can’t wrestle the demons with Kate. This should be a solo tour, Owen. Good luck with that.

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