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Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson’s Baby Is Here


Owen Wilson‘s lovechild with his personal trainer, Caroline Lindqvist, has arrived into the world. It’s a baby boy for Wilson and Lindqvist.

What’s interesting about this is the statement his rep made. Usually when celebrities have babies their publicist leaves a statement like, “So-and-so is happy to announce the arrival of their healthy baby girl/boy. They’re over the moon!” But not this time. All that was said was, via the Los Angeles Times,

I can confirm they had a baby boy on Thursday morning.

I can almost see the tumbleweed passing by.

They’re both pretty “whatevs” about the thing. Lindqvist has told the Daily Mail (via LA Times),

Owen and I decided to have a child even though we’re not in a relationship. And we’re not planning on starting a relationship, either. Owen and I are two close friends having a baby together. We are really looking forward to it and can’t wait to welcome our child at the end of January.

Hey, whatever works.

Congrats on the kid.

Note: that is a photo of Owen Wilson with Woody Harrelson, not his child.

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Owen Wilson Is Having A Kid With His Personal Trainer

owen wilson with a horse

Owen Wilson is going to be a dad again (allegedly). He and his personal trainer are expecting a child. He and the trainer, Caroline Lindqvist, aren’t together, but Wilson will “be there for her and, when the time comes, the baby” a source tells Us Weekly. By the way, Lindqvist is technically married. She’s getting a divorce from her husband, a plastic surgeon. This is the kind of stuff that could have ruined a movie star in the 1950′s. But today it’s completely different. Here are more details, from the source via Us:

Owen is very involved with the pregnancy. He isn’t in a relationship with Caroline, nor do they plan to be in one, but he is very supportive of everything. They see each other and talk often about what they want for the child. Owen is very open-minded about everything and has told Caroline he will do whatever he can.

Hey, whatever works, right?

He seems like such a sad and lonely guy. Or maybe not lonely. Maybe just alone. And maybe he’s fine with that.

Note: the above photo is not photo of Owen Wilson with his personal trainer. That is a photo of Owen Wilson with a horse.

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Owen Wilson Isn’t in Rehab Yet

photo of owen wilson pictures
So yesterday we ran a blind item, and one of our wonderful former writers put an idea in all our heads that the actor in the blind just might be Owen Wilson, and as soon as I read it, I was like, “Oh my God, yes, totally.” So I went on an Owen Wilson scavenger hunt, and found that as of November 10th, four days ago, he was not in rehab. He was actually playing with his son, who is just adorable, and guys, he *is* looking a little … I don’t know, maybe sickly would be the word. See, Owen’s kind of on the thin side these days, and what with his history, I think it’s safe to say that the people who love him should probably check in on him once in awhile and see how he’s doing.

Here’s the photo I found:

photo of owen wilson pictures not in rehab pic
And while maybe I’m making something out of nothing, the blind fits. Owen’s got a history of substance abuse, and I could totally see him hooking up with some seedy stripper a la ‘Wedding Crashers’ or, you know, like before, and the part about him being half of an award-winning duo that writes/directs films? Well. I’m sure you all know that Owen and Vince Vaughn, the hilarious *duo* in ‘Wedding Crashers’ is in the process of wrapping a movie called ‘The Internship’, which Vince Vaughn actually wrote … so there is that.

Good call Jenn—and we miss you, girl!

Tabloid Troubles: Owen Wilson Doesn’t Want to Get Married, Only Wants Stranger Sex

photo of jade duell and owen wilson vacationing pictures baby photos

According to the National Enquirer:

“Owen wanted the freedom to do what he wanted with his friends, both male and female, while remaining a family unit with Jade and the baby,’ an insider told the National Enquirer. ‘But Jade wasn’t willing to go along with that, so Owen decided to end things with her instead of cheating behind her back.”

Of all the sleazy, disgusting things I’ve heard: Owen Wilson doesn’t want to get married because he wants the freedom to be able to sleep with other women. I mean, hey. That’s cool, Owen. I’m sure there’s a ton of women out there willing to take on your myriad emotional issues and substance abuse problems, so have at it. All you need to do is alienate the woman who took a chance on your ass and had a child with you and there you have it: pure Wedding Crashers-esque gold. Just … not as funny or entertaining.

Of course, as the sourced information is out of the Enquirer, it might be a stretch, but I can totally see it happening. A lot of people tend to forget where they came from and I definitely can see Owen Wilson getting up on his haughty horse to be one of them, don’t you?

Here’s Some Midnight in Paris Photos from Cannes

photo of hot adrien brody pictures midnight in paris cannes 2011

Ah, something I can totally get behind: this movie and the pics from the Cannes photocall. And also, Rachel McAdams‘ backside. I could get behind that, too. I mean, I don’t have the equipment to really do anything back there and I wouldn’t even if I did, ’cause I don’t go that way, but since I just adore her so much I’d probably at least sniff her hair a few times. I know that probably sounds pretty weird, but I’m one of those smell-oriented people who relates pretty much every major event (and even non-major ones) to a certain scent.

Another thing I could get behind? Adrien Brody‘s massive hands. I’ve got this thing about big hands, and getting behind those of Adrien Brody’s? Sweet mother of cornbread. I’d die a fulfilled and whole girl.

Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams Reunite for New Movie

So apparently, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams – the love interests on gut-bustingly-funny Wedding Crashers – have reunited for a new Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris. The film portrays an engaged couple on holiday in Paris, who end up spending their time doing drastically different things than they planned.

The movie stars both Wilson and McAdams, and also includes Kathy Bates AND ADRIEN BRODY. I’m already totally taken with this movie – I mean, as if it didn’t already have a fucking zillion elements that would totally attract me to it: Wedding Crashers might have been one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen and Owen Wilson is fabulous; Rachel McAdams is my number one girl-crush, and ADRIEN BRODY. Well. You guys know how I feel about him – my one, unrequited, untouchable love.

I’m totally sold. Woody Allen can, generally, suck my ass (especially for not running Adrien in the trailer), but this movie? I’ll definitely be seeing. And probably owning at some point, too.

Surprise, Owen Wilson is Going to Be a Dad

photo of owen wilson actor pictures

And come on, show of hands: who, like me, thought that Owen Wilson was still stuck in a seedy two-room apartment somewhere in LA, lamenting his days of better roles than those starring alongside Reese Witherspoon in crappy rom-coms, and all crazy, unshaven, and unstable?

However, unless he broke out of his emotional fugue long enough to impregnate a woman that I have never heard of just to retreat back to said bedbug-infested hovel, we are mistaken - Wilson, who has been dating Jade Duell for a year, has paid his rep to announce that the couple is having a child. Like, probably this week sometime.  It’s supposedly happening this fast.

So wow. OK.  Owen Wilson, a dad. It’s cool, I suppose I can get with it. I mean, it definitely beats the hell out of being all crazy and suicidal, you know? Plus, he didn’t get his nose fixed. And I think that counts for, like, everything.