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Owen Wilson’s Baby Is Here


Owen Wilson‘s lovechild with his personal trainer, Caroline Lindqvist, has arrived into the world. It’s a baby boy for Wilson and Lindqvist.

What’s interesting about this is the statement his rep made. Usually when celebrities have babies their publicist leaves a statement like, “So-and-so is happy to announce the arrival of their healthy baby girl/boy. They’re over the moon!” But not this time. All that was said was, via the Los Angeles Times,

I can confirm they had a baby boy on Thursday morning.

I can almost see the tumbleweed passing by.

They’re both pretty “whatevs” about the thing. Lindqvist has told the Daily Mail (via LA Times),

Owen and I decided to have a child even though we’re not in a relationship. And we’re not planning on starting a relationship, either. Owen and I are two close friends having a baby together. We are really looking forward to it and can’t wait to welcome our child at the end of January.

Hey, whatever works.

Congrats on the kid.

Note: that is a photo of Owen Wilson with Woody Harrelson, not his child.

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