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Avril Lavigne Doesn’t Even Like Nickelback

A photo of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

Poor Chad Kroeger. What a life he must have, right? He is, for better or worse, a pretty famous singer of a pretty famous band. He gets to live his dream, making music for a living, and he gets paid very well for it. But everybody hates his music. Well, not everybody, obviously, but most people are willing to admit that his music is kind of garbage. It must be bittersweet, you know?

And it’s probably a little more bitter when even your lady love, your soon-to-be wife, can’t stand your music:

The Canadian rocker – who once famously described himself as a “walking penis” to Playboy magazine – got engaged to Avril, 28, this summer after dating for several months and has vowed to resist his groupies.

Chad told Men’s Health magazine: “I don’t think my libido has changed. I just think that my Rolodex has been confiscated. And I’m OK with that.”

The 37-year-old musician also revealed fiancee Avril is not a fan of his music, and he is actually quite relieved, because he doesn’t want her to hear the racy lyrics to his songs.

Chad said: “If a naughty Nickelback song came on, my fiancee would probably ask who it was. She’d be like, ‘Who’s this? This is good. I like it.’

“I’m terrified that some day she’s going to listen to some of the things I’ve written, and I’m going to have some explaining to do.

“There’s going to be a whole question-and-answer period following that one.”

I think Chad is trying to play it cool here because he’s sort of embarrassed that Avril doesn’t like his music. I mean, come on. The bit about how if she heard one of his songs, she’d be like “who’s this? This is good. I like it,” please. It’s not like she wouldn’t recognize that voice, you know? And it’s not like it’s a common thing for people to love Nickelback music.

But here’s the really sad part: how awful must it feel to know that Avril Lavigne doesn’t like your music?

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