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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Gets A Makeunder


Avril Lavigne is always seen with heavy black eyeliner. We’re talking super heavy, like this isn’t unusual for her. She even wore thick black eyeliner at her wedding. So it seems Allure magazine went where no one’s gone before and stripped Avril of her signature black liner. Here’s the result:


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Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s Marriage Seems Fun… Not!

avril lavigne chad kroeger

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger recently tied the knot after a whirlwind romance that would rival that of Elizabeth Taylor and Tim Burton, and they’ve got a fool-proof method to make sure nothing comes between them: marriage rules! That’s right, Avril and Chad are both banned from having any alcohol or going to any nightclubs without each other, no matter how long they’re apart. Because nothing says “loving, trusting relationship” like prohibiting your other half from doing anything fear that s/he might not have enough self control not to cheat on you.

From People:

“We don’t drink when we’re apart,” says Kroeger. “Ever. Even if we’re apart for weeks.” Lavigne says that it’s just the responsible thing to do. “We want to protect what we have,” she says.

No nightclubs. “We don’t want to go anywhere that you’re asking for trouble,” says Kroeger. He adds, “I don’t want to be in Europe texting her, like ‘Where are you?’ ” he says. “This way we don’t have to worry about any of that stuff.”

LOL. I mean, listen – if they’re both okay with this, then whatever, everyone Namaste and all that. And there is, of course, the added element of their “fame”, which means paparazzi will make shit up if they see one of them out and they happen to be talking to someone of the opposite sex, even if it’s just to order a drink. Also, if you’re married, I don’t really see why you’d be big into the club scene anyway. To dance? I mean, maybe, but… not really, so I can sorta see the motivation behind this. I still think it’s corny and probably largely based on the fact that Avril cheated on Derek Whibley when they were together (right?). Who even knows.

I think they’ll be divorced within the next two years.

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Avril Lavigne Is Still 12, But Also “Sexual” in ‘Hello Kitty’

avril lavigne

Avril Lavigne wants to assault our ears with a new song called ‘Hello Kitty’ which is apparently about her love of the Japanese cartoon brand but also has a “flirtatious” and “sexual” side to it… and that makes me want to chop off my eyes and ears.

Here’s what she told Digital Spy about the track:

“‘Hello Kitty’ was such an interesting topic and subject,” she said. “It was really exciting for me.

“I didn’t want it to sound like anything I’d done before. I wanted it to sound over the top so I ended up hiring a new producer to help me with it.”

Asked if the song has a double meaning, she replied: “Obviously it’s flirtatious and somewhat sexual, but it’s genuinely about my love for Hello Kitty as well!”

Okay, please tell me what fucked up universe you have to live in to associate a child’s cartoon cat brand and sex? Unless you’re a plushie, but even then… girl, keep that behind closed doors. I don’t think Avril’s mentality has evolved beyond a 13-year-old’s, so we’ll have to give her a pass on this one.

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