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Quotables: Kirstie Alley Almost Ran Off With John Travolta

photo of john travolta and kirstie alley pictures

“Believe me, it took everything that I had, inside, outside, whatever, to not run off and marry John. And be with John for the rest of my life.”

This would be Kirstie Alley, to Barbara Walters, on John Travolta during their time of filming ‘Look Who’s Talking’. She said in a later portion of the interview that John was the “love of her life,” and I want the two of them to run off together, right now, and be together for the rest of their lives, but not, because children and wives and boyfriends and gay lovers all over the place would be hurt by the selfish decision of two people to back out on their respective relationships to be with someone they once cared about over twenty years ago. But it would be sort of romantic (?) in a warped kind of way, huh?

I guess that’s why Kirstie was always so gung-ho that John wasn’t (or isn’t) homosexual—it’s either because it’s true, or because she’d just end up with the shitty end of the stick, no pun intended*.

*That pun thing? I lied. It was totally intended.

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  • There was a scene in Fat Actress where he said to her “Well, you had your chance.” I thought it was a cute joke at the time, but maybe they had an actual thing.

    • No one questioned the sexual orentation of the two people accusing John Travolta of being gay, Why would anyone do that it’s offensive to the gay commuity, and people like Perez Hilton love to stir up gossip. Trick photography- no solid proof, and a gay following will keep the taboid rumors going for months. The defamation of character, lawsuit, won by the Travolta family won’t change things. The Gay commuity wants everyone to to be gay. The two people in question- or the the two that really should be in question, [the maseurs] wanted to sell a book, according to reports, but they had no intension of selling that book, it was exploitation! Travolta’s been exploited before. He’s not gay he said it was a lie! That’s good enough.

  • Things will be awkward at the next scientology gathering when Kirstie runs into Kelly. That being said, I loved Look Who’s Talking and if this were still the 1990s I would wish they were together.

  • ummm what are those red things down by his chin? The biggest one looks like it’s making a fizzing sound…..they’re like in a line… half fever blister and half ringworm….like Saturday Night Fever Worms.