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Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Great Here

photo of Catherine Zeta Jones pictures
So we’ve been “hard” on Catherine Zeta-Jones lately, speculating on whether or not she’s feeling physically ill, because let’s be honest—girlfriend, to date, has not been looking all that healthy. Yeah, she’s admitted in the past to suffering from bipolar disorder, and while she claims it’s under control and medicated, she’s just not looking all that happy.

These pictures, however? On the set of one of her new films, ‘Red 2‘? She looks pretty great. The bangs work on her in a way that they could never work on Jessica Biel (oh, my bad), her smile looks genuine, and you can tell that she really enjoys her work—as she should, because she really is quite an actress. It’s good to see girlfriend in her element.

The only other thing I have to say, really, is that she looks really, really great for her fifty-three years. And yeah, I know—she claims she’s forty-three. But you and I know better, now, don’t we?

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  • Are you kidding?! She looks HORRIBLE! I have never seen her look worse, actually. The hair is terrible, and the makeup makes her look much older than she probably is (even if she’s 53). Hate to disagree, but I do!

  • People age. At least she’s not trying to botox her way to 23.

    Her make-up isn’t doing her any favors, though.

    • Yeah, i was thinking that too. I like actresses who don’t get a ton of surgery, although im assuming CZJ has had a bit done. But still, she looks very natural yet beautiful, which I think is nice

  • Hey Sarah tell me something why are you such a cunt. You’ll get there someday too and hopefully you’ll be miserable when some young girl makes mention of how bad you look when you start to age.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones. Wow. When she popped up in The Legend of Zorro, this lady was Tops, numero UNO on my list of the most beautiful women! I admit I was very lucky to have tapped that ass back then BUT her downfall began with Micheal Douglas. WTF? Why him? Anyway, aging wasn’t to kind to her but I’d bet none of you beotches that are criticizing her now didn’t get the Ann Margret blessing either!

  • Whoever the hell you are, she is 43. Not 53. Get with the facts. She looks amazing and she is very gorgeous.

    • So are they trying to make her look old in that photo above? Because that is not 43. Those are the wrinkles of someone in their fifties.

  • You are so used to seeing celebs that are nipped, tucked, sucked, and lasered, that when you see a celeb aging normally, gracefully, with no fillers or botox, you consider that “Horrid” or “terrible”. We can’t all stay young forever, but she has managed and will always manage to stay striking. I vote for stars aging with no work! That is true beauty!

  • she looks old. she got old because she lived in the same house with a pensioneer. this is what money whores get in the end.