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So, Here’s Kristen Stewart’s Boobs if You Care

photo of kristen stewart sideboob pictures
I mean, yeah, those are her boobs up there, but I’ve got some stills from On the Road in which she plays a sixteen-year-old hipster bride who does all sorts of naughty things. Also, is it weird that she’s not sixteen and showing her tits, but pretending to be sixteen? Is it sort of wrong by association? Because we’re “told” to believe that Kristen’s character is sixteen years old, and last I checked, sixteen year old tits on camera is a really, really bad thing.

Jump in for the NSFW gallery shots of Kristen, who is topless, and whacking two dudes off in a car.

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  • Er no, 16 year old tits on camera is a wonderful thing and a totally legal thing. It just can’t be in a sexual type situation.

    In otherwords, and 16 year old nudity or nudity of any age is totally fine and legal as long as it is just sun bathing or other non-sexual situation.

    • At last, somebody who can adequately explain such social conundrums. Here’s another:

      In NYC and SF, public nudity is okay–presumably, with the same restriction on sexual situations (unless you’re gay, in the park along the bluff.) Elsewhere, exact same situation, the crime gets jumped from a misdemeanor to a way serious felony, merely on account of the presence of children (or, sometimes, women.) WTF?!

      Yet one more: Mother or Father is convicted on naughty child picture charges for doing the same thing that Robert Maplethorpe did. Gay guy’s pictures get shown to audiences (no doubt full of pedophiles) at art shows. Again, WTF?!

      Or: Nudist pics of kids okay on internet, (apparently) provided they’re on sites promoting nudism and the nudist lifestyle. Who’s drawing the lines–and how?

      Finally: Old action pics of a certain notorious underaged naked American naughtiest movies star (and future actress) not having sex are against the law. Similar pics of an award-winning underaged naked German-Polish actress simulating having sex are not against the law. SMH

      I would understand all or nothing against the law, but my mind is perhaps insufficiently facile to grasp the apparent inconsistencies without additional explanation.