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Kristen Stewart Did Not Sleep With Rupert Sanders

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No, because come on. There is no sleeping when it comes to car sex, duh.

From Radar Online:

Kristen Stewart told Robert Pattinson that she never actually slept with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, and this is the reason why the Twilight star was able to forgive the dalliance and get back together with her, is exclusively reporting.

“Kristen and Rupert both told their respective partners that they didn’t actually have sex,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “Kristen was absolutely steadfast that she only engaged in several make-out sessions with Rupert but never slept with him. Rob didn’t believe her in the beginning but as time wore on he accepted her explanation. Kristen has given Rob passwords to her voicemail and e-mail account to prove she has nothing to hide and will do anything to get his trust back.”

As previously reported, Robert, 26, and Kristen, 22, reunited a couple weeks ago for the first time since they’re shocking split after the revelation that Kristen cheated on Rob with Sanders.

“They are living together and have reconciled,” an insider told Us Weekly.

The couple took a nearly two month break after Kristen was photographed in compromising positions with Rupert and her affair was exposed.

Both Kristen and Rob ditched their $6 million Los Angeles home immediately after the scandal broke and although Us Weekly says they’re not where they used to be, the Twilight stars are on the path to reconciliation.

“There are still a lot of raw emotions there and time will tell if Rob and Kristen stay together. Rob and Kristen will be promoting the final Twilight movie and it will be very interesting to see what happens after that,” the source says.

So, OK. I’ve been rooting pretty hard for these two to get back together, now, for awhile, but putting my personal feelings aside about the couple, isn’t, like, cheating kind of … well, cheating? I mean, whether it’s sex vs. oral sex vs. kissing vs. making out, laying your hands on another person outside your relationship in an intimate way is cheating, is it not? So do we (I, you; whoever, you know) forgive cheating strictly based on its severity? Would YOU take your partner back if they had sex with another person? If they kissed another person? If that other person fondled their genitals—on top of the clothes, of course?

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  • Yeah, I think cheating is cheating is cheating.
    Maybe Kristen is just SO fabulous that Robert can’t live without her?
    I don’t know much, past headlines, about these two and have no interest in their work, but this story wreaks of publicity stunt…I just don’t trust any of it…it’s retarded.

    • I agree. I think they’re just doing it because of the movie they have to promote. So that it’s not awkward and they can juice every last bit out of this last movie. And yes cheating is the act of betrayal, no matter on what level.

      • It’s weird though, the publicity stunt thing. The timing is really suspicious, and it’s definitely getting a whole, whole lot of buzz, and people will be paying even more attention to the premiere for sure, but I don’t understand why they’d take the risk. Kristen could have even more popularity than she did, enough to ruin her career. And why would Rupert Sanders get involved in the first place? He just directed his first movie, and now everyone things he’s this gross creepy perv, and I don’t understand why he would get his family involved.

      • Looking at the fan base a publicity stunt is very possible – they’re all 10-16 years old with some fanatic (creepy) 17+ people there, and they live for drama. To give a counter example, there was Rihanna & Chris Brown who created a similar drama, it was in the news for a gazillion years, and now it seems that most have forgiven and many are even making excuses for the scumbag. They needed to fill the papers, they needed everyone to give an opinion, and now that they’ve ‘fixed’ it they’ll make increased sales. I’m still not convinced that Kristen and Robert ever were a genuine couple.

  • When I have to close down three different advertisements to be able to view this site, make that four if I want to comment, I am done with the site. Adios! I was a long time reader, but you ruined it with your greed for the advertiser’s bucks.

    • why dont you just install adblock plus if you have firefox. chrome might have it as well not sure. eliminates ads everywhere

  • Wow, you people really are dumb if you believe that was a publicity stunt. Rob has no balls if he really took that ho back. A cheater WILL cheat again. He’ll get crushed again when she screws someone else, and every guy will just laugh at him because he should of known better. He must be attracted to the nasty greasy haired girls, ewwww

    • Actually, you people are really dumb if you think that two people who were sneaking off to cheat just made out. What adult would do that? They both made the conscious decision to lie to their BF/wife and sneak off with the other. If you can’t close the deal after that point why even bother. Even a junior high kid would walk away afterward asking his buddies to sniff his finger. One more thing… making sex is like Chinese dinner… it ain’t over until you both get your cookies.

  • I think cheating is what you wouldn’t feel comfortable telling your partner. So, for some people it would be a kiss and for some other people it would be sex. I know if it was like a drunk snog at the club I may be okay, but if it were like this, were they were sneaking off and it went on for several weeks, I don’t think I’d take my partner back.

  • If it were a publicity stunt, why wouldn’t they have just gone down the marriage/baby rumors route? Seems a lot easier/safe/more likely to get twihards wet than a cheating scandal.