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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Moved Into Kristen Stewart’s New Malibu Mansion

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From Us Weekly:

“They are living together and have reconciled,” an insider tells Us Weekly in the new issue, on stands Friday.

But they haven’t exactly returned to the way they were before July, when Us broke the news that the Twilight actress, 22, had cheated with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, 41.

As Us revealed last week, Pattinson, 26, and his estranged love recently “had a dramatic makeup.” But a source tells Us the British hunk “is extra-sensitive right now. He’s insecure.”

Yes, extra-sensitive and insecure—we know. We heard all about the “Marry me or die, Kristen” thing that happened the other day, and while, yeah, I obviously agree that marrying someone who cheated does not necessarily guarantee a cheating-free life, I stilll think that Kristen is genuinely remorseful and probably, hopefully won’t cheat on the dear, darling soul that is Robert Pattinson. Because if she did? Ugh. Her f-cking career would be entirely over, and we all know how important that is to her.

But hey. If this is what makes the two of them happy, then I’m happy. Because despite any unfounded personal feelings any of us have about two people that we don’t even f-cking know on a personal level, they have shown a history of being really, blissfully happy together, and the romantic in me (LOL I know, right?) smiles and cries tears of joy knowing that that kind of thing actually exists on not such a rare level.


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  • Rob is showing his stupidity. You NEVER go back to an ex who cheated on you. She will do it again. Women like her are very toxic.

  • From an outsider’s perspective, this seems like a very bad decision on Rob’s part. I don’t think Kristen is a terrible person- she’s young and we all make mistakes- but if you truly love someone, you don’t treat them with such little regard. Especially when you’re a huge star that gets followed by paps and know it will come out eventually (and in a very public way).

    Maybe she is remorseful and feels she can change, but…no. I just don’t see this working out in the long run. He needs to suck it up, gain some self respect, and move on.

  • I am not a Rob and or Kristen fan, but for all this “news” about them I figure this:
    If Rob can forgive her a lot of you all can too. Doesn’t mean you have to like her. Just do what a true fan is suppose to do…. respect, and support HIS choice.
    It’s HIS choice if he wants to keep her, and fix their relationship. HE knows her (and the situation) better than you, me, and the tabloids that….. exaggerate stories, twist quotes, and make up lies from “sources.”
    There was a clip I saw of him in NYC saying not to believe the stuff you read, and hear in tabloids. Why not listen to what he himself said?!
    -She cheated!
    -It was staged!
    -She was forced!
    —Guess what?! We will NEVER know!! So…. why don’t we leave it in the past?! Move on now!
    “She’s a wh*re!”
    The same people calling her a wh*re are the same people matching Rob up with every female in Hollywood. Making him out to be a manwh*re which he is not!
    “She’s wearing his clothes humiliating him!”
    First off from what I have heard she ALWAYS wore his clothes. Before this even happened.
    Second off I think what may humiliate him are those fans that yell out over Twitter that they can’t wait to see his movie because there’s a sex scene with him in it.
    “We don’t want to see him hurt.”
    And the rude comments from people staying they respect, and support him about who he chooses to be with doesn’t tear at his heart any?!
    If him and her want to work things out, re earn trust, and become stronger because of this then be happy for them. At least there is a Hollywood couple that is willing to try to work things out.
    Unless you are without sin then don’t cast stones.
    Hate the sin! Not the sinner!
    Just be happy whatever mistakes you have made haven’t been seen, or heard by everyone in the world!
    “The couples that are meant to be are the ones that go through everything that is meant to tear them apart, and come out stronger than they were before.” -Unknown.

    “And most people, you know, when they love each other and they have a problem, they work it out. They want to work through everything together. They want to be together and they’re willing to fight to be together. It’s not like they have this love story where they’re in love and everything is great every single minute of the day. I don’t think that exists. But I definitely think people need each other and they want to fight to maintain a relationship for the rest of their lives.”
    -Robert Pattinson (BD part 1 Interview.)