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People Don’t Want Lindsay and Amanda to Die

photo of lindsay lohan and amanda bynes mugshots
Guys! Hi! I’m back! I’ve been on vacation for the last couple of days, and do you know what? Gosh, you know a lot more than I do. So much has happened since Friday, and I don’t even know where to begin. I mean, Kanye and Kim cooling off? In what world? And Lindsay being choked and thrown on the bed like the piece of trash that she is? Someone’s got some mad balls. And also, I’ve missed you all so much.

What I read this morning, though, was that a former painkiller addict by the name of Cathryn Kemp had gone and written Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes an open letter, pleading with them to get off the crash course that is their respective lives, and to avoid the whole Amy Winehouse end result thing (which, to be fair, there’s a vast difference between Lindsay and Amanda, and Amy Winehouse. Amy actually had some mad talent, whereas these poor girls … well, I guess they don’t). Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

“You both have it all. You have looks which most of us would kill for. You have success and adulation in spades. You have money and all the trappings that come from LA living and Hollywood pay packets. And yet, here we are again. Watching the seemingly inevitable car crash that is the sum total of your lives so far. You are both beautiful, wealthy and successful beyond your wildest dreams and yet all I
feel is sadness watching you both career from one disaster to another, hoping it won’t all end the way
it does for most people with your illness. I guess you both have no idea that the chaos and madness that is your lives, from the court cases to the suspected drink-driving, from the shoplifting to the pictures of you stumbling out of clubs, is all part of the disease you both appear to suffer from. The disease is addiction – and it’s one of the many similarities you both share. While the world judges your behaviour, laughs at your wild partying, mocks and derides you for your crazy, and sometimes illegal, behaviour, I know what is wrong – and I also know you both need help. Fast.”

Cathryn is also the author of a new book, ‘Painkiller Addict: From Wreckage to Redemption’, where she chronicled her foray into the world of being one of many, many people who are hooked on pain meds.

She concludes the letter by admonishing them via a dead Amy Winehouse:

“I know differently. I know you are both in your own particular versions of hell. I know that skipping your court hearing to go shopping, I’m taking to you, Amanda, and careering out of yet another party, Lindsay, is not going to fix you. ‘It’s time to grow up. It’s time to stop the madness and ask for help. It’s time to check into rehab and stay the course, to start the slow healing process which could, ultimately, save your lives. Because there’s only one other way this can end for you both. Don’t let Amy Winehouse’s tragic death be a blueprint for your wasted lives.”

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  • “And Lindsay being choked and thrown on the bed like the piece of trash that she is? Someone’s got some mad balls.”

    Cool, let’s praise people who commit physical assault just because we’re not fans of the person assaulted.