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Battle of the Quotables: Sofia Vergara Says Cameron Diaz is ‘Full of Sh-t’

photo of sofia vergara and cameron diaz pictures Well, OK. That’s not exactly what she said, but it’s pretty damn close. Here. You can go ahead and determine if Cameron Diaz is as full of crap as Sofia says, or if you agree with Cameron that there’s shit a whole lot worse going on than merely turning forty.

Cameron Diaz’s recent age quote to Esquire UK:

“For the first time in my life I’m content. I’m so excited. Getting older is the best part of life. Like, I know more than I’ve ever known. I have gratitude. I know myself better. I feel more capable than ever. And as far as the physicality of it – I feel better at 40 than I did at 25. I’m so excited. Getting older is the best part of life. Like, I know more than I’ve ever known.”

And then here’s Sofia’s recent age quote to Lucky:

“Turning 40 is horrible. People that say it isn’t are full of shit.”

But, to be fair, and you know it pains me to defend Cameron Diaz, because she and I just haven’t been homegirls in forever, but here’s another few quips from Sofia’s interview, which was definitely, definitely a little over the top if you compare it to Cameron’s (which is here, if you want to read some more level-headed quotes and not things about breast lifts, yachts, and diamonds):

“It [my engagement ring] is perfection. If it was bigger, it would be too big to wear. But if it was smaller, I would not like.”

“I love luxury. I love yachts. I love planes. I love trips,” Vergara admits. “I can live without all of them, and I have, but I am not going to apologize and pretend I don’t love luxury, because I do.”

“I know [my breasts] have opened doors for me, let’s be real. But I so hate when I see Gisele and she is wearing a tiny little tank top with no bra, like, ‘Oh, I just threw this on, I look so cute.’ If I wore that I would look like I was pregnant, or a fat stripper.”

Now. Who’s full of shit?


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  • I hate this Sofia lady (along with her stupid Kmart commercials on TV) and she does seem arrogant and full of sh*t.. but I have to admit, she is only saying what Cameron and other celebs won’t. They ALL love luxury, yachts, vacations on exotic islands, $15,000 purses, the BIGGEST engagment ring etc.. but when they sit down for interviews all thy want to talk about is how they love camping or shopping at H&M or traveling to Ethiopia to help starving people etc.. It’s all about makin themselves look good and down to earth so that we can relate to them and in return buy their perfume and go see their movies etc.. Sure, any normal person loves the little things in life that don’t cost much.. like BBQ with family and awesome thrift store finds, and famous people are no different I’m sure. But you really don’t see many of them admitting how much they love and prefer their luxurious lifestyle and what their celebrity status/boobs get them. Is it distasteful and not the smartest thing to say when it comes to selling herself to the average middle class American? Probably. But as superficial as this woman seems, we all know she is only saying what all these Hollywood women are thinking. Because not one of them are humble enough to stand on lines or sit amongst the public at an event or hail a regular cab down in NYC. She’s not full of sh*t she’s just boastful, annoyingly truthful and a show off. The ones that don’t admit their own “filthy rich and I’m better than everyone” attitude are the ones who are full of themselves…

  • BTW, I never really had an opinion on Cameron Diaz. I thought she was funny as hell in Bad Teacher. And I HATE this Sofia lady. But after seeing this article along with those Esquire pics have made me realize that she is trying to portray happiness and act like turning 40 doesn’t bother her. But clearly it does, otherwise she wouldn’t be trying to prove that she is still hot by taking these half naked pictures of herself. And come on.. no one prefers being 40 over 25! So obvious, between her pics and words, that she is full of sh*t.

    • “And come on.. no one prefers being 40 over 25!” – I have to disagree with you! I just turned 35 and I won’t change it for any age. Not 15 or 25 or even 30. You know so much better about yourself and the world as you are on your way to your 40s.You feel much better in your skin, you’re much more sexy and free from what others think of you. You are more concerned of what you think of yourself. I really believe 40s will be a wonderful age to live. And I can also tell you that I also look better now than in my 20s!

  • C). YOU are full of shit for putting up a headline making it sound like Sofia was talking directly about Cameron Diaz. This kind of fuckery, along with this jank-ass web page with the uncontrollable roll-over ads is what drives me bat-shit about this site.

    I’m done.

  • The pictures of Cameron in the article come off as desperate. She doesn’t have to wear afghan shawls and mom pants now that she’s 40, but have a little more class. Looks like she’s on her way to wallowing in her lost youth with Madonna.

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