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Taylor Swift Writes Love Notes for Her Kennedy, Takes Him for Ice Cream

A photo of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

From Us Weekly via Celebitchy:

They couldn’t even wait for fall break! Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, 18, had only been back at his boarding school for a week when he got a visit from the singer. Why so soon? Swift, fresh off promoting her album in Canada and Brazil, “is obsessed with Conor,” a source tells Hot Stuff of the star, 22. “She writes him love notes!”

The pair skipped the dining hall on Sept. 14th for Taylor’s Tavern & Restaurant, a favorite student date spot in the adjacent Greenfield. The following day, they went antiquing, hit the Lady Killigrew café and then capped off their G-rated weekend with an 11:30 PM stop at Friendly’s.

“It was so late that they were the only costumers,” says a source at the eatery, where each ordered a sundae (a Happy Ending for her, the Forbidden Fudge Brownie for him). “They sat on the same side of the booth!”

We heard about the antiquing bit earlier this week, but doesn’t this new information just round it out so nicely? Like, of course she writes him love notes, just like she doodles “Mrs. Taylor Kennedy” all over everything and just like she plays MASH with all her friends, but the only boy she’ll ever write down is Conor. Not to be dramatic, you guys, but gag me with a spoon. Gag me with a spoon real hard.

In related news, I think I finally figured out why I have such a passionate dislike for Taylor Swift. It’s because, in a lot of ways, she reminds me a lot of myself. I like to wear adorable dresses and poofy skirts all the time, and I collect antique teddy bears and make videos of my cats, and my boyfriend and I sit on the same side of the booth. And can I tell you something kind of nauseating? We rarely, rarely call each other by our names. Because we call each other “soulmate.” But for real. If we’re at the grocery store, it’s “hey, soulmate, do we need to get carrots for the guinea pigs?” and if we’re having an argument, it’s “soulmate, the hamper is right here, so why are your dirty socks on the floor two feet away from it?” So yeah, I can sort of identify with Taylor, on some level.

But Taylor takes cutesy to a dirty place. She uses it to manipulate dudes into falling for her so she can write bad songs about them, and she puts on a front like she’s completely incapable of acting like an adult, which is just weird. It’s pajama parties and ice cream dates all the time, and it’s a sham, and me and my cat videos find it personally offensive.

But hey, at least Conor got a fudge brownie sundae out of the deal. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

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  • Yeah, I don’t think she is a child “innocent” woman either.That is acting. She has been around the block or two if you know what i mean even at 16 or 17 she was beyond virgin girl. Her songs are about guys to extreme sometimes. She was seducing John Mayer by sitting in his lap all night before they spent the whole night in a motel(seen by witnesses) he is like an old man to her plus pot smoker,drug user,drinker way before she would of been grade school in Pennsylvania. John Mayer dated every celeb in SMut Hollywood before that about 10 other celebs like Aniston(a super washed up slut)..Taylor knew the facts from Aniston she can read tabloids same as I can in the 1990’s to now..she would have been old enough to read the STAR or Enquirer at that age and she had internet before I did. She claims Ronnie(guy taught her guitar) a computer service man repaired her computer back early 2000’s. That means she had internet.SHE KNEW WHAT WAS WHAT WHEN SHE GRINDED ON JOHNS PENIS AT A PARTY..

  • Has there been a Kennedy man in the history of Kennedy men who stayed with a dame one second longer than his peen was still interested? Somehow I suspect this boy is not a love sick teenager but more of a famous vagina sick teenager and will eventually tire of the smothering from this older woman. Just my theory anyway.

  • Does she *ever* stand up straight? Every photo I see she’s slumped over with that ‘old lady’ curve to her upper back. Awful!

  • Someone who writes ““soulmate, the hamper is right here, so why are your dirty socks on the floor two feet away from it?”” is criticizing someone else for being incapable of acting like an adult?
    Just … no.
    God, if it weren’t for my sad love of this site I’d have no contact with the left side of the bell curve. So, thank you?

  • “a Happy Ending for her, the Forbidden Fudge Brownie for him”

    I can’t help but picture her thinking about the hidden meaning behind the names of their ice creams and what it means for their relationship.