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Taylor Swift Took Her Kennedy Antiquing Last Weekend

A photo of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

Poor, poor Taylor Swift. I’ve been worrying about her ever since her boyfriend started his senior year of high school a couple of weeks ago. All I’ve been able to do is just keep her in my thoughts and hope that she’s able to make it to homecoming, and I feel so powerless.

But there’s been no reason to fret, because just this past weekend, Taylor was able to take some time to head to Massachusetts, where she took little Conor Kennedy antiquing!

From People:

As summer winds down, Taylor Swift’s work schedule is revving up. And while her new love Conor Kennedy has already gone back to school, the couple, whose romance heated up over the summer, did not stay apart for long.

On Saturday, Swift, 22, and Kennedy, 18, headed for the intimately lit Taylor’s Tavern & Restaurant in Greenfield, Mass., a quaint New England town only a few miles from Kennedy’s prep school in Deerfield.

“They were very happy and very polite,” says a source. “She was very sweet.”

The young duo, who have spent a lot of time together in the past few months, enjoyed a warm, sunny weekend in a scenic part of Massachusetts dotted with farm stands and country stores. Kennedy and Swift also indulged in a classic country pastime, antiquing.

Paying a visit to Deerfield’s Old Station Antiques on Saturday, they browsed together in the store not far from Kennedy’s dorm, according to a source.

On Sunday, Swift once again had to say goodbye. She left late in the afternoon – as Kennedy presumably prepared for Monday morning classes.

OMG, do you think she helped him with his homework? Do you think she’s secretly really good at chemistry or calculus or something like that? Nah, she probably just sits on his floor and plays with her hair and keeps saying “math is hard, ha ha,” over and over again.