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Taylor Swift’s Little Boyfriend is Going Back to School, Taylor Predictably Cries

photo of taylor swift and conor kennedy pictures
OK, well I don’t know if she’s actually crying over it, but I wouldn’t put it past her, hell no.

From People:

Is Conor Kennedy just one of Taylor Swift’s boys of summer?

The PDA-loving pair seemed attached at the hip in recent weeks, but with Swift, 22, facing a grueling work schedule, and Kennedy, 18, back to his East Coast high school, the two are being forced to live their lives apart.

On Thursday, the country singer appeared on MTV’s Video Music Awards in L.A., where she performed her latest single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” live for the first time. Meanwhile, her beau was having dinner at his boarding school, Deerfield Academy, according to a source.

Can I tell you that this Deerfield Academy place is a “college preparatory school”? Which means that Conor, Taylor’s mini-beau, is still in high school. And what’s hotter than that? I’ll tell you what’s hotter than that—it’s being called “one of Taylor Swift‘s boys of summer,” because it’s way, way more than just that. Oh yes. If Taylor has her way, Conor will be “one of Taylor Swift’s boys of FOREVER,” and let’s be honest: there’s nothing more attractive than requited, obsessive love.

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  • I met my husband – who is four years older than I am – the summer before my last year of prep school, as well (which meant that two months after we met, we were separated for nine months). I was 17 and he was 21. And we’re still going strong. I’m not saying that’s going to happen for Taylor and her Kennedy; I’m just saying that it’s possible!

  • Long distant relationships do not work. Harriet, awesome for you though. Glad to see that psycho us out of my state

  • She is now approaching full asshole status, up from half-assed. I’m sure she has LOTS in common with a high school student? Please.