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Lindsay Lohan is Totally Afraid of Paris Hilton

photo of lindsay lohan and paris hilton pictures hot pic
But before I get into that one, can we talk about this picture for a second? Because Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are actually … well, they’re kind of … OK, alright; they’re actually kind of hot in this picture. Like, people would probably go to bed with the two of them at the same time if they both still actually looked like this. Moreover, they look clean. The two of them. Together! Amazing what drugs and poor sexual choices can do to a girl, huh?

But here’s the latest on Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, and how Lindsay “freaked out” when she saw Paris at their mutual friend Lady Gaga‘s new perfume launch for ‘Fame’.

From Page Six:

Lindsay Lohan came face to face with old frenemy Paris Hilton and freaked out at a high-profile fashion bash, as their long-running feud continues to burn.

Lohan, who is working hard to put her troubled past behind her, arrived in New York from the Atlanta set of “Scary Movie 5” in which she acts opposite Charlie Sheen and makes fun of her hard-partying, train-wreck past, including an incident last year when she was accused of stealing a necklace from an LA jewelry store.

But “Lindsay wound up looking at [the ‘Scary Movie’ cameo] as a way to complete a phase of her life and move on,” a source said. After desperately trying to get out of the shoot, she filmed the role without any additional drama Wednesday.

But when Lohan arrived at Lady Gaga’s masked ball Thursday night at the Guggenheim Museum, she flipped when she saw her old party-pal-turned-archrival Hilton.

“Lindsay freaked out when she saw Paris,” said a spy. “Neither knew the other would be there. And when Lindsay first saw Paris, she just stepped back with these big eyes. She was shaking her head and kept repeating, ‘No, no, I can’t.’ ”

The once-tight pair had a falling out back in 2006 over the infamous incident when foul-mouthed oil heir Brandon Davis branded the “Mean Girls” star “Firecrotch,” with Hilton egging him on.

At the Gaga event, which launched the singer’s new fragrance, Fame, “Lindsay refused to get her picture taken with Paris,” a source said. “But eventually she calmed down.”

While Lohan arrived at the event “very quietly,” Hilton “marched in and tried to push her way through the crowd to Gaga,” only to turn around when she realized no one was moving out of her way when she wanted to get to the singer.

Lohan later received a hug from Gaga, whom she’d bonded with over the summer during a sleepover at the Chateau Marmont in LA. Page Six exclusively reported that Gaga’s planning to cast Lohan in her first video from her upcoming album, “Artpop.”

Oh, so it’s another classic “I’m too good for this kind of trash” Lindsay Lohan-type moment, right? Because sad as it is to say, I’d be much, much more keen to root for Paris Hilton against Lindsay Lohan these days, especially if we’re talking “who’s dirtier,” I’m sorry.

So, back then—who’d you rather?


And who now? Just saying, this is Lindsay from the Fame launch:

photo of lindsay lohan at fame launch pictures
And dear, darling Paris at the very same event:

photo of paris hilton at fame lady gaga launch pic


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  • What about the CDAN blind that was supposedly LL an Paris? Where the two were involved and Paris really toyed with LL’s emotions (ha!) and effed her up? I’d buy it. Also, there were those old pics of Linds making out with Paris at some skeevy party while she was tied-off & holding a needle (heroin, I presume?). That’d give me a wide-eyed panic attack/flashback, too!